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  • 10 Wounded Near Bialystok; Riots Continue in Czestochowa Suburbs

    Ten Jews were wounded today in riots in the town of Wasilkow, near Bialystok, while tension continued in Czenstochowa and new disorders were reported in suburbs of that Western Polish city. A synagogue, a health center and the homes of forty remaining Jewish families were demolished in Kamiensk, near Czestochowa. The health center, the only… More ▸

  • 150 Families Made Homeless by Fires in Polish Towns

    A hundred and fifty Jewish families were made homeless today by fires in Nowydwor and Demlin in the Grodno district of Bialystok. A hundred houses and a synagogue were destroyed in Nowydwor and fifty houses in Demlin. More ▸

  • New Disorders in Bialystok Area

    Numerous Jews were beaten and many Jews’ houses demolished today in disorders which broke out in the villages of Trzana and Oranizyk in the province of Bialystok. In Trazana, rioters drove fifteen Jewish families out of the village after destroying their homes. The excesses followed an accident in which a Jewish bicyclist ran over a… More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Demonstrations Mark Anniversary of Minsk-mazowiec Riots

    Anti-Jewish demonstrations were organized by Nationalists in Minsk-Mazowiec yesterday on the anniversary of the slaying of a Polish sergeant by a Jew which led to serious riots a year ago in which more than 40 Jews were injured and great property toll wrought by arson. The demonstrations were organized in connection with a Catholic memorial… More ▸

  • 6 Wounded in New Polish Excesses

    Serious anti-Jewish excesses were reported today from two Polish towns. Six Jews were seriously wounded in by attacks at Gura-Kalwarja, town in which the famous Chassidic spiritual leader known as the Gerer Rebbe makes his home. A number of Jewish shops were completely destroyed. Police restored order. Hundreds of Naras, members of the outlawed National… More ▸

  • New Excesses Reported in Bialystok Area

    Jewish inhabitants of Ostrow-Mazowiecki, in the Bialystok area, were in panic today following anti-Semitic attacks by members of the outlawed National Radical Party in which several persons were injured and Jewish houses and shops damaged and plundered. A delegation from the town came to Warsaw to seek the intervention of Jewish Parliament deputies in their… More ▸

  • Endeks Kill Jewish Student; Youths Jailed for Protesting Riots

    A Jewish student named Zvi Hertz was fatally injured when attacked by Nationalists today in the village of Korzawa, near Lwow. He died in the hospital. The farm of the only Jew in the village of Glawne, near Radom, was burned down by unidentified persons during the night. No casualties were reported. Damage was estimated… More ▸

  • Only 40 Tried in 348 Cases of Excesses, Polish Parliament Told

    Out of 348 cases of anti-Jewish excesses in the Bialystok district in 1936, referred to recently by Premier Skladkowski in Parliament, persons implicated in only about 40 have been put on trial, Deputy Emil Sommerstein stated last night in the Sejm. He said that in many cases courts declared Jewish witnesses unreliable. The deputy emphasized… More ▸

  • Conditions Worse Than Wartime Seen in Bialystok Towns

    An unchecked wave of savage anti-Semitic attacks has reduced the Jewish population in townships of the Bialystok area to a state “worse than during the World War,” Jewish newspapers here reported today. Aid in the form of bread, potatoes and other necessities is still being sent to Jews in the neighboring towns of Czyzew, scene… More ▸