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  • Bolivia Says Barbie Was Protected by Nazi Sympathizers in Government

    The government of Bolivia has disclosed that Klaus Barbie, “the butcher of Lyon, ” was delivered to French authorities last February because of “his crimes against humanity” and that his years in Bolivia were made possible by the complicity of former high officials in the government and in the armed forces, the World Jewish Congress… More ▸

  • France Will Make Formal Request to Bolivia for Barbie’s Extradition

    Official sources here said that France will make a formal request to the Bolivian government for the extradition of war criminal Klaus Barbie as soon “as materially possible.” The sources predicted, however, that the legal and administrative process might last 2-3 weeks. Barbie, known as the “butcher of Lyon,” the French city where he was… More ▸

  • Bolivia May Kick out the ‘butcher of Lyon’

    The Bolivian public prosecutor, Hernando Acha Siles, has asked the Supreme Court to extradite Klaus Altmann, who as Klaus Barbie was known as the “butcher of Lyon” during the Nazi occupation of France, to West Germany, according to French radio reports from La Paz. Acha Siles told the court that West Germany had demanded his… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Bolivia

    Thousands of Jews fleeing from Nazi persecution made their way to the remote, mountainous and landlocked country of Bolivia. The Jewish population of 250 swelled to almost 30,000 in the years prior to World War II, because Bolivia was the first country in Latin America to open its doors to Jewish refugees. The vast majority… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Bolivia Marks Israel’s Anniversary

    Israel’s 30th anniversary celebrations in Bolivia were officially inaugurated last week with the opening of an exhibition of paintings by the Israeli artist and professor of fine arts, Alexander Plutzer. The exhibition is being held in the National Museum of Art situated at the central square of Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, next to the Presidential… More ▸

  • Barbie to Remain in Bolivia

    Klaus Barbie, the former Nazi SS chief who was known as the “butcher of Lyons,” will not be sent back to France, the Bolivian Supreme Court ruled yesterday according to reports reaching here from Sucre where the court was in session. Barbie, who faces the death penalty in France for wartime crimes, has been living… More ▸

  • Eben to Brazil and Bolivia

    Foreign Minister Abba Eban leaves next week for official visits to Brazil and Bolivia, two of Israel’s best friends in Latin America. Details of the Itinerary are being kept unpublished for security reasons. The purpose of the visits will be twofold, Dr. Joel Barroml, head of the Foreign Ministry’s Latin American Department, told newsmen here… More ▸

  • France Pressing Bolivia for Extradition of Barbie

    The French government announced yesterday that it will continue to “do everything within its means” to obtain the extradition of Klaus Barbie, the former Gestapo commander of Lyons, from Bolivia. Deputy Foreign Minister Jean de Lipkowsky told parliament “the extradition of Barbie is a national cause. I want this to be known in France and… More ▸

  • Israel, Bolivia Sign Mutual Cooperation Pact

    Israel and Bolivia today signed an agreement for mutual cooperation in the spheres of economics, science, agriculture and culture. The accord was signed by Foreign Minister of Abba Eban and Dr. Mario Gutierrez, Foreign Minister of Bolivia. Dr. Gutierrez ended today his three-day official visit to Israel. The two ministers released a joint communique which… More ▸