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  • Jewish Youths from Peru and Bolivia to Study Leadership in Israel

    A group of 13 young people, five from Peru and eight from Bolivia, will leave for Israel early this month for study in leadership techniques in youth organizations on fellowships provided by the Government of Israel. The courses, which will be in Spanish, are arranged under the cultural pact recently signed between Peru and Israel…. More ▸

  • Rabbi of Bolivia Decorated by Govt.; First Jew to Get Highest Award

    Chief Rabbi Guenter Friedlaender, spiritual leader of the Jewish Community of Bolivia, today was awarded the highest decoration in the country–Grand Official High Officer of the Order of Condor de los Andes. The award was presented by Bolivian President Victor Paz Estonsoro and Foreign Minister Jose Fellmann Vallarde for Rabbi Friedlaender’s “contributions towards the cordial… More ▸

  • World Jewish Congress Reports Anti-semitic Incidents in Bolivia

    Reports of anti-Semitism in Bolivia were received here today by the World Jewish Congress. These reports, along with others involving anti-Semitism in Latin America, will be laid before the forthcoming special meeting of the South American executive of the WJC, to be convened at Buenos Aires next weekend, Congress officials said. In one instance, according… More ▸

  • Israel to Assist Bolivia in Developing Agriculture; Expert Arrives

    Yitzhak Levy, Director General of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, arrived here today for a ten-day visit during which he will study Bolivian agricultural problems within the framework of a technical assistance agreement concluded earlier this year between Israel and Bolivia. Mr. Levy, who was met at the airport by Bolivian Minister of Agriculture Perez… More ▸

  • Zionist Leader in Bolivia Named Honorary Consul by Israel Government

    Ernesto Herzberg, secretary-general of the Zionist Federation of Bolivia, has been named by the Government of Israel as honorary consul and civil attache to the Government of Bolivia. Dr. Michael Simon, Israel’s Ambassador to Peru and Bolivia, came here from Lima to install Mr. Herzberg in his new office. More ▸

  • Technical Aid Program for Bolivia Approved at Israel Cabinet Meeting

    The Cabinet today approved a technical aid program for Bolivia under which Israel will send experts to advise the Bolivian Government on developing underdeveloped areas in that country. The agreement, which was signed last April, also provides for are training of a number of Bolivian students in Israeli educational institutions. The Cabinet also ratified a… More ▸

  • Israel to Help Develop Barren Regions in Bolivia; Agreement Signed

    A program of technical aid and cultural interchange between Bolivia and Israel is provided in agreements signed by Dr. Michael Simon, Israel’s Ambassador to Peru and Minister to Bolivia, on a visit to Bolivia. Dr. Simon said that both countries have elevated Israel legations to Embassies during his visit and that he signed two agreements… More ▸

  • Bolivia to Send Delegation to Israel to Discuss Technical Aid

    Dr. Paz Estensoro, the new President of Bolivia, is going to send a delegation of Bolivian experts to Israel to discuss with the Israeli Government proposals for technical assistance laid before him by Israel’s Ambassador here, Dr. Michael Simon, according to an announcement by Dr. Simon today. Dr. Simon proposed to President Estensoro that Israel… More ▸

  • Jews in Bolivia Enjoy Equal Rights, Fear No Assimilation Leader Reports

    Although there are only 4, 000 Jews in Bolivia, they do not fear assimilation because there is a strong Jewish cultural life in the country and almost no intermarriage, Rabbi G. Friedlander, chief rabbi of Boliva, who is now on a visit to the United States, declared here today. Rabbi Friedlander said that before World… More ▸

  • Bolivia to Sign Trade Pact with Israel; Ground Work Laid

    A trade agreement will soon be signed between Bolivia and Israel, it was reported here today by Tuvia Arazi, counsellor of the Israeli legation here, who returned from a three-weeks stay in Bolivia where he laid the ground work for the trade pact. Mr. Arazi reported that he was received very cordially by Bolivia’s President… More ▸