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  • Bolivian President Lauds Jews; Disapproves of Anti-jewish Campaign in Bolivia

    The contribution of the Jews to the development of Bolivia was lauded here by President Gualberto Villaroel during an audience he gave Dr. Natalio Berman, a member of the Chilean Parliament, who is here on a mission for the World Jewish Congress. The Bolivian President expressed sympathy with the Jewish demands for Palestine and promised… More ▸

  • Bolivian President Disavows Anti-semitism; Bolivia to Join Intergovernmental Committee

    The full text of a statement by the new Bolivian President, Gualberto Villarroel, repudiating anti-Semitism was received here today. The statement, which was made by President Villarroel at a press conference at La Paz yesterday, emphasizes that the new government is ready to join the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees. It reads: “It is ridiculous to… More ▸

  • U.S. Government is Asked to Seek Guarantees Against Anti-jewish Action in Bolivia

    The State Department was asked today not to recognize the new Bolivian Government until it guarantees that it will not embark on an anti-Jewish policy. Members of the National Revolutionary Party, which now controls the Bolivian Government, have in the past advocated violent anti-Jewish measures. The request came from Mexico City from Jose Antonio Arze,… More ▸

  • New Government Party in Bolivia Definitely Anti-jewish, Report Says

    Reports from Bolivia reaching here today establish that the National Revolutionary Movement, the new party which has come to power there, is strongly anti-Jewish and that its organ La Calle has been constantly attacking Jews. One report says that members of the new government party, including the present Minister for Public Works, had on several… More ▸

  • Anti-semitic Elements Assume Power in Bolivia As Result of Coup D’etat

    President Enrique Penaranda of Bolivia, who is known for his pro-Jewish sentiments, and his pro-Allied government were overthrown today in a revolution maneuvered by pro-Nazi elements and headed by Victor Paz Estenssoro, a former finance minister who was arrested in 1941 in connection with an attempted pro-Nazi patch. Paz Estenssoro was reported to have set… More ▸

  • New Regulations Facilitate Immigration to Bolivia

    New regulations issued by the Bolivian Government will facilitate immigration to this country, providing the immigrants can secure transit visas from the countries in the Western Hemisphere through which they must pass. The regulations provide that residents of Bolivia can apply to the immigration authorities for visas for their relatives abroad. The applications contain questions… More ▸

  • Bolivia Prohibits Jewish Immigration

    Immigration Commissioner Carlos Johnson has issued a decree prohibiting further Jewish immigration into Bolivia. The order was published on May 3, effective three days earlier, on April 30. The three-point decree (1) suspends distribution of immigration permits to Jews without exception and for an indefinite period, (2) provides a 90-day period for those who received… More ▸

  • Bolivia Probes Fifth Column Activities of Germans

    The Interior Ministry has ordered a strict police inquiry into possible “fifth column” activities in Bolivia after newspapers disclosed that students in German schools were forced to deliver the Nazi salute and chant the Horst Wessel song. More ▸

  • Reich Jews Cable Rescue Pleas to Kin in Bolivia

    More than 300 cablegrams have been received by Jews here in the past week from relatives in Germany urging that they be rescued because they are threatened with removal to the projected Jewish “reservation” in Nazi Poland. The cables request steamship tickets and affidavits permitting them to immigrate to Bolivia. The affidavits can be obtained… More ▸