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  • Museum’s Exhibit on Bosnia Draws Ire — and Letter — from Serbs

    A photo exhibit at the U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum here has drawn the ire of some in the Serbian community who say it ignores Bosnia’s record during World War II and glorifies its role in the ongoing war in the Balkans. The controversy over the exhibit on the atrocities of war in the former Yugoslavia… More ▸

  • Sarajevo’s Jews Assist with Relief As Negotiators Push for Bosnian Peace

    With U.N. negotiators feverishly working toward a peace settlement in Bosnia, the president of the Jewish community in Sarajevo recently attended an unoffical peace conference here. In an interview, Ivica Ceresnjes described how he travels through Sarajevo in a car that has a sign with a menorah prominently displayed, enabling him to pass all checkpoints…. More ▸

  • Senate’s Vote on Bosnian Arms Embargo Enrages Activist Jewish Organizations

    Jewish groups that have pushed for the lifting of the United Nations arms embargo against Bosnia expressed outrage over the Senate’s failure last Friday to pass an amendment calling for an end to the embargo. “The Senators who voted today to maintain the U.S. arms embargo against the Bosnian Muslims have tragically chosen to uphold… More ▸

  • Groups Hail Vote by House to Lift Bosnia Arms Embargo

    Jewish groups are hailing a resolution adopted by the House of Representatives urging President Clinton to lift the arms embargo against war-ravaged Bosnia-Herzegovina. Despite strong White House pressure to defeat the resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Frank McCloskey (D-Ind.), the measure passed by a vote of 244-178. A Democratic leadership deeply divided on the… More ▸

  • Knesset Speaker Urges Action on Bosnia

    The speaker of the Knesset, Shevach Weiss, sent a letter to speakers of parliaments around the world on Monday, calling for international action to stop the atrocities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He called the events there “a mark of shame on human society.” The letter was sent two days after a mortar killed more than 68 people… More ▸

  • Aid Efforts Derailed in War-ravaged Bosnia

    With the crisis in Bosnia fading from the front pages, Jewish organizations are beginning to recognize that providing humanitarian assistance and delivering food and medical supplies may at this point be the most they can do. A recent National Strategies for Bosnia conference brought together over 50 organizations that make up the World Alliance for… More ▸

  • Interfaith Coalition Demands Immediate Aid for Bosnian People

    With winter fast approaching, Jewish and other organizations joined to prod the U.S. government into taking stronger action to help the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Over the past year, Jewish groups have been pushing the Clinton administration to do more to alleviate the suffering inflicted on Bosnia’s Muslims by primarily Serb forces who have called for… More ▸

  • Giant ‘postcard’ Puts Focus on Muslims’ Plight in Bosnia

    Lafayette Park, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, has for a long time been the site of various signs and placards calling attention to problems around the world. On Nov. 22, the park became the temporary home of the “World’s Largest Postcard,” unveiled by a coalition of Jewish and other groups concerned with the… More ▸

  • JDC Evacuates 21 More Jews from Besieged Bosnian Capital

    With the cooperation of Serbian, Croatian and Muslim authorities, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has succeeded in evacuating 21 more Jews from the besieged Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. Amid a sea of crying family members, U.N. officials and machine-gun-toting French soldiers, the group of 21 left Sarajevo over the weekend and arrived safely Sunday… More ▸

  • Israel Offers Medical Treatment for Wounded Children in Bosnia

    Israel has offered to fly a group of 25 wounded children from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Israel for medical treatment. The children, most of whom suffer from limb wounds, would be jointly cared for by the Health Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, Histadrut sick fund and the air force. The effort would be carried out with the cooperation… More ▸