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  • Despite Hitches, Israel Going Ahead with Plans to Shelter Bosnian Moslems

    Israel is going ahead with plans to shelter temporarily 101 Moslem refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina, despite a last-minute rejection of the plan by the Arab Israeli villages that were supposed to host them. The Bosnian refugees were expected to arrive here Tuesday afternoon on a flight from the Croatian capital of Zagreb, arranged by the European… More ▸

  • Israel to Accept Bosnian Moslems to Live with Arabs Till War’s End

    Israel has agreed to accept 101 Moslem refugees from wartorn Bosnia and settle them temporarily in two Israeli Arab villages until the fighting subsides in their own country. The suggestion to allow Bosnian Moslem refugees entry into Israel was first raised some six months ago by Knesset member Yossi Sarid, now minister of the environment,… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Welcome U.S. Plan for Bosnia

    Jewish groups, many of whom have been active in pushing for stronger U.S. action to help the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, welcomed the new U.S. initiative to try to stop the fighting in the former Yugoslav republic. The long-awaited Clinton administration plan, announced Wednesday, includes steps advocated by Jewish groups in past months, such as enforcement… More ▸

  • Jews, Moslems and Christians Issue Joint Statement on Bosnia

    Five American Jewish groups have joined with American Arab, Moslem and Christian groups in a statement urging President Bush and President-elect Bill Clinton to “take whatever steps necessary” to save the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Many Jewish groups, seeing parallels between the Nazi Holocaust and the “ethnic cleansing” inflicted upon Bosnian Moslems by Serbs, have been… More ▸

  • Religious Leaders Call on U.S. to Take Action in Bosnia, Somalia

    In a rare show of unity, Jewish, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox religious leaders have called jointly on the U.S. government to take stronger action in war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in Somalia, where people are starving in a man-made famine. The leaders gathered Tuesday to demand that the Bush administration “see to it, by whatever… More ▸

  • More Than 300 Jews Remain in War-torn Bosnian Capital

    More and more Jews are coming forward in Sarajevo, and the number of those remaining in the war-torn capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina is now estimated at between 300 and 700. The upward revision in the figure of Jews left in the city was announced by Simcha Dinitz, chairman of the Jewish Agency Executive, who said some… More ▸

  • Israeli Cuts Bosnia Mission Short As Rabin Demands End to Atrocities

    Knesset member Yossi Sarid cut short a humanitarian mission to the Balkan states and returned unexpectedly to Israel on Tuesday, having failed in his attempt to reach the war-torn former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sarid, who was dispatched to the region over the weekend to coordinate Israeli relief efforts, had hoped to get to the… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Step Up Drive to Halt Atrocities in Bosnia

    Jewish groups across North America are continuing to press the Bush administration and international agencies to stop atrocities being perpetrated against innocent civilians in Bosnia-Herzegovina, crimes that remind many of those carried out against Jews by the Third Reich. Serbians in Bosnia-Herzegovina are reportedly murdering thousands of civilians guilty only of being Croats and Moslems,… More ▸

  • Israel to Dispatch Humanitarian, Medical Aid to War-torn Bosnia

    The Israeli Foreign Ministry has begun making arrangement for the dispatch of humanitarian and medical aid to war-torn Bosnia-Hercegovina. This marks the first public effort on the part of the Jewish state to address a tragic situation that Jews themselves have compared to their own history in the Holocaust. “The reports of murder and suffering… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Hold Rally Near U.N. to Call for Intervention in Bosnia

    The Anti-Defamation League and the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors held a “call to action” on Wednesday in front of the Holocaust memorial wall near the United Nations to press for U.S. and U.N. intervention in war-torn Bosnia-Hercegovina. About 200 people from 18 Jewish organizations participated, holding aloft placards that read “Never Again” and… More ▸