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  • Queen Whilhelmina is Host to Jews Who Escaped from Holland

    A Dutch Jew and his wife who succeeded in escaping from Nazi-occupied Holland in a 65-hour perilous crossing of the North Sea were today the guests of Queen Wilhelmina, and reported to her concerning the hardships which the population in Holland is enduring under the Nazis. “It was very risky to cross the sea,” the… More ▸

  • Nazis Prohibit Dutch Papers from Printing Reports of Jewish Deaths in German Camps

    Dutch papers are now forbidden to print any news concerning the death in Nazi concentration camps of Dutch Jews confined there, according to information reaching Dutch circles here today. Up until now Dutch papers have been allowed to publish news of the deaths without mentioning the place where the victims died. Recently, however, the reports… More ▸

  • 400 Amsterdam Jews Sent to Nazi Camp for Alleged Sabotage

    Four hundred Jews were arrested by the Nazi authorities in Amsterdam and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, in retaliation for an explosion which took place in a house in Amsterdam used by the Nazis as a jamming station for foreign broadcasts to Holland, it is reported here today in the Vrij Nederland…. More ▸

  • Dutch Students Demonstrate Against Anti-jewish Acts

    Demonstrations against anti-Jewish restrictions were recently organized by Dutch students in The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it was reported here today. At the same time, official Dutch sources reported that B.A. Kahn, former owner of the Hirsch Company, one of the largest department stores in Holland, and a Zionist leader, had died in the… More ▸

  • 21 Jews Executed in Nazi Concentration Camp

    Twenty-one Jews in the Buchenwald concentration camp were executed last Nov. 10 in reprisal for “the Semitic British warmongers’ insolence,” following the Royal Air Force raid on Munich on Nov. 9 during the celebration of the anniversary of the Nazi “beerhall putsch,” it was revealed today for the first time by a refugee who was… More ▸

  • 1,600 Jews Reported Dead in Nazi Concentration Camp

    All of the 1,600 Polish Jews imprisoned in the Buchenwald concentration camp in the Fall of 1939 have died in the camp, reports smuggled out of Germany disclosed today. The men died principally from exposure and malnutrition. They were obliged to spend the Winter months in unheated tents and were not given any blankets. By… More ▸

  • Heilmann, German Socialist, Dies in Concentration Camp

    Ernst Heilmann, former Social Democrat leader in Prussia, has died in the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, it was learns today from a reliable source. Heilmann, who in pre-Hitler days was known as the “uncrowned king of Prussia,” was imprisoned by the Nazis immediately after their accession to power. He was reported to have been… More ▸

  • Former Berlin Gestapo Leader Describes Buchenwald Tortures

    The sufferings of Jews detained in the Buchenwald concentration camp are described by Hans Juergen Koehler, former vice-president of the Gestapo (German secret police) in Berlin, in a book “Inside Gestapo,” just published by the Pallas Publishing Company here. Jews working in a quarry, Koehler states, had to carry great blocks of stone to a… More ▸