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  • Nazis Seen Blocking Further Exodus of Jews on Military Grounds

    A United Press dispatch from Berlin said today that the Nazi authorities were considering the advisability of blocking further Jewish emigration because they viewed as dangerous the possibility that Jews will enter enemy services or impart vital information. The dispatch added that emigration to Palestine has been banned for Jews of military age. High death… More ▸

  • 30% Death Rate in Buchenwald Gamp

    The Associated Press reported from Berlin today that Jewish leaders in Poznan had reported that since Jan. 8 they had received 465 urns containing the ashes of Polish Jews from the Buchenwald concentration camp, indicating a death rate of 30 per cent among the 1,500 Jews originally in the camp. The dispatch also said Polish… More ▸

  • Polish Jews in Reich Suffer in Concentration Camps

    Unimpeachable sources told this correspondent today that 35,000 Jews were being held in three Nazi concentration camps, where they were suffering from hunger and cold and were subjected to the most inhuman treatment. Separated from their wives and children, who were permitted to remain at liberty but who had no means of livelihood, the prisoners… More ▸

  • Ash Remains of 600 Jews Shipped from Nazi Camps to Jews in Lodz

    Six hundred parcels containing the ashes of murdered Jews have been received by families in Lodz, Nazi Poland, it was reported from Copenhagen today by the Polish Press Bureau. The dispatch said that the Nazi authorities in Lodz have arrested 12,000 Jews, including all rabbis, all members of the executive board of the Jewish Communal… More ▸

  • Loener-beda, Collaborator of Franz Lehar, Reported Suicide in Nazi Camp

    Fritz Loener-Beda, popular Viennese writer and librettist-collaborator of the composer Franz Lehar, has committed suicide in the Buchenwald concentration camp, it was reliably learned here today. The writer, who was 56 years old, had been held in the Nazi camp since the occupation of Vienna last year. Efforts by Lehar, who reportedly has influence with… More ▸

  • White Paper on ‘nazi Savagery’ Spurs War on Hitler, British Press Declares

    The British White Paper’s disclosure of “Nazi savagery” in German concentration camps, the press said today, adds further impetus to this country’s determination to fight until Hitlerism is smashed. “It is the authors and devisers of the Buchenwald (concentration camp) barbarities,” said the Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, “who rule the roost now in Germany…. More ▸

  • Refugee Kisses Ground As He Lands Here

    Hermann Leopoldi, Viennese Jewish vaudeville comedian and musician, was photographed today by newspaper photographers kissing the ground as he arrived here on the United States liner City of Baltimore. The famous comic had been held for nine months in the Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps, where he sang songs of his own composition to keep… More ▸

  • Death Rate Rises in Nazi Camps As Cold Wave Fells Poorly Clad Jews

    The death rate in concentration camps is climbing steadily because of the prolonged cold wave, which is inflicting extraordinary suffering on the inadequately clothed prisoners. Hundreds of Jews released in the past few days are returning to their homes with fingers and toes frozen, in some cases necessitating amputation. Conditions are reported particularly bad in… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The diplomatic correspondent of the Manchester Guardian estimated today that 200 Jews have been executed and that between 35,000 and 40,000 Jews have been arrested during the current anti-Semitic wave in Germany. The 200 executions took place in the Buchenwald concentration camp alone, he said, declaring that he had received confirmation of reports that 70… More ▸