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  • News Brief

    Le Figaro reported from Berlin today that 146 Jews were beaten to death in the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar. It said 20 Jews in Berlin committed suicide in fear that they too would be beaten to death. More ▸

  • Friedman Removed to Buchenwald Camp; to Testify in Schuschnigg Trial

    Dr. Desider Friedmann, former president of the Vienna Jewish Community who has been under arrest since March 18, has been transferred to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Thuringia, it was learned today, and will be held there as a witness in the forthcoming “treason” trial of dr. Kurt Shuschnigg, pre-Anschluss chancellor of Austria. Dr. Friedmann… More ▸

  • 40 Jews Arrested After Deportation to Reich

    Most of the prisoners, including Jews, held at the Dachau concentration camp near Munich have been transferred to the Buchenwald camp in Thuringia, according to reports today from Weimar. For the last week, two or three transports daily have arrived at Buchenwald and the camp’s population has risen from 2,000 to more than 20,000. The… More ▸

  • 80 Jews Died in Nazi Camp in July, London Paper Reports

    Eighty Jews between the ages of 21 and 70 died during July in the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, Germany, it was reported today by the News Chronicle. Their deaths, the paper said, was the result of inhuman treatment. Youngest of the victims was reported to be one Erich Loewenberg, 21, while the oldest was… More ▸

  • Berlin Youths Raid Jewish Training School

    A hundred youths last night invaded the Jewish Manuel Training School in the Pankow section of Berlin, smashed windows and forced several Jewish boys to paint anti-Semitic slogans on neighboring Jewish shops. The demonstration preceded the declaration by Paul Joseph Goebbels, Reichs Minister of Propaganda, at a Summer Solstice celebration that the fight against the… More ▸

  • Berlin Police Ban Jewish Meetings; Mob Violence Increases

    Police yesterday placed a week-end ban on all Jewish gatherings, as mob violence increased and the anti-Jewish crusade gathered momentum on all fronts. In the Jewish quarters in Berlin’s north and east ends, where repeated window smashing and plundering occurred in the last 24 hours, Jewish stores were closed today and few Jews were seen… More ▸

  • Late Berlin News

    The most intensive police campaign against Jews in the Old Reich since 1933 was apparently under way today with wholesale arrests of Jews reported from many sections of the country. There is reason to believe the round-up will continue at least for a week, with the new concentration camp at Buchenwald near Weimar in prospect… More ▸