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  • Bulgaria Asked to Clarify Mystery of Missing Chief Rabbi Hannanel

    An appeal to the Bulgarian Government to confirm or deny reports that Bulgarian Chief Rabbi Asher Hannanel had been jailed on charges of “maintaining contact with foreigners,” was made here today by Dr. Zvi Harkavy, a former director of a Jewish school in Sofia before World War II, and a close associate of Dr. Hannanel…. More ▸

  • Bulgaria’s Chief Rabbi Reported Arrested; Held Since Several Weeks Ago

    Bulgaria’s Chief Rabbi, Dr. Asher Hannanel, was arrested by Bulgarian authorities several weeks ago, according to reports reaching here today. The Bulgarian embassy here refused today to confirm or deny the reports of the arrest. The Chief Rabbis arrest was confirmed indirectly at Sofia when the Bulgarian Undersecretary for Religious Affairs attended services at the… More ▸

  • Maccabi Football Team to Sue Bulgarian Sport Club; Was Denied Visas

    The Maccabi football team will appeal to the International Football Association for $12,000 damages from the Lokomotive Sports Club in Sofia, Bulgaria, it was reported today. The appeal arises from Lokomotive’s breach of contract with Maccabi to be its host for a series of games this month in Bulgaria. The $12,000 claim is to cover… More ▸

  • Bulgaria Fails to Issue Promised Visas to Maccabi Football Team

    The Maccabi football team was marooned in Athens today after promised Bulgarian visas failed to arrive. The team was invited to play several games in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, and was told by the Bulgarian Legation in Tel Aviv that visas would reach the team in Athens. When the visas failed to arrive, a phone… More ▸

  • Israel Body Decides to Accept Bulgaria’s Compensation Offer

    A Ministerial economic committee decided today to accept a long-standing offer by Bulgaria to pay compensation of $8, 300 for each victim of a Bulgarian attack on an El Al plane in 1955 in which all 58 persons aboard were killed. The payments would be made to relatives of the victims. Israel originally demanded a… More ▸

  • Nazi Envoy Who Deported Jews from Bulgaria Released in Germany

    Dr. Fritz Bauer, prosecutor-general of Hesse, filed an appeal today against a Frankfurt court order releasing Adolf Heinz Beckerle, Hitler’s ambassador to Bulgaria, who had been arrested on charges of complicity in the murder of 11,343 Macedonian and Thracian Jews. The victims were deported in March 1943 to the Treblinka extermination camp. The lower court… More ▸

  • Israel Renews Claim Against Bulgaria for Shooting Down El Al Plane

    Israel is going to take its claim for material damages growing out of the shooting down of an El Al plane over Bulgaria in 1955–with consequent loss of 58 lives–directly to the Bulgarian government, it was learned here today. Nathan Peled, Israeli Minister at Sofia, was said to have been given a note which he… More ▸

  • Bulgaria Arrests Head of Factory for Using “star of David” Trademark

    The manager of a Bulgarian textile factory, which for years has been using the “Star of David” as a trademark, has been arrested in Sofia on a charge of “sabotage against the national economic effort,” according to a report received here today. The Bulgarian plant had sold some textiles to Iraq, which returned the material… More ▸

  • Israel to Drop Court Action Against Bulgaria for Downed Plane

    The Foreign Ministry decided today to take no further court action against Bulgaria for shooting down an El Al passenger plane in 1956, when 58 passengers were killed through that Bulgarian action. The decision was made in accordance with the recommendation of Shabtai Rosenne, the Foreign Ministry’s legal advisor, who headed Israel’s team of attorneys… More ▸

  • International Court Refuses to Act on Israel’s Claim Against Bulgaria

    The International Court of Justice ruled today it had no competence to deal with Israel’s claim for damages against Bulgaria in the shooting down of an E1 A1 airliner in 1955 with a loss of all 58 lives aboard. England, Australia and China voted in favor of the Court’s jurisdiction but 12 nations voted against…. More ▸