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  • Israel and Burma to Start Joint Industrial and Agricultural Projects

    A number of Israeli experts will leave shortly for Rangoon to carry out on-the-spot surveys for joint Israeli-Burmese industrial and agricultural projects. The joint ventures were agreed upon by the two governments earlier. Official announcement of the experts’ departure was made are following the completion of a five-day visit to Israel by Tun Thang, permanent… More ▸

  • Burma to Plant 1,000,000 Acres of Wheat for Sale to Israel

    The Burmese Government is planning, in conjunction with Israeli experts, to plant 1,000,000 acres of wheat for sale to Israel, the New York Times reported today from Rangoon. Reviewing the relations between, Israel and Burma, the Times noted that they were better than between Israel and any other Asian country. Israel was helping to develop… More ▸

  • Israel Counsellor in Washington Embassy Named Minister to Burma

    Jacob Shimoni, currently counsellor at the Israel Embassy in Washington, has been appointed Israel’s new Minister to Burma, it was announced here today. Mr. Shimoni, who will take up his new duties next month, will succeed David Hacohen. Mr. Shimoni, who was born in Berlin in 1915, is a veteran of Israel’s Foreign Service and… More ▸

  • Jewish Population in Burma Reduced; Many Were Interned by Japan

    The Jewish population of Burma, which stood at 2,000 before World War II broke out, now consists of 150 persons, it was reported here today. Most of the Jews of Burma were interned by the Japanese during the war, and the remainder fled. Only 400 returned at the end of the war, and 250 of… More ▸

  • Premier of Burma Receives U.S. Zionist Delegation; Lauds Israel

    Prime Minister U Nu of Burma, now visiting the United States, received a delegation of the American Labor Zionist Assembly today and in the course of a cordial exchange of views expressed his admiration for Israel’s progress which he observed during his recent visit there. He declared that he was also impressed by the earnest… More ▸

  • Premier of Burma, Now Visiting U.s., Says Israel is “wonderful”

    “Love” for the people of Israel and warm appreciation of their “energetic” labors in building their land were expressed here by U Nu, Prime Minister of Burma, who is now visiting the United States. Mr. Nu had spent a week in Israel on his way westward, and had refused to visit Egypt after the latter… More ▸

  • Premier of Burma Completes His Visit to Israel; Pledges Friendship

    Premier U Nu of Burma completed a nine-day visit of Israel and flew from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, by El Al-Israel National Airlines, today Premier U Nu won the hearts of the Israel people during his stay, having met Israelis of all walks of life in their homes, at their jobs and during their hours… More ▸

  • Burma and Israel Will Set Up Industries on Partnership Basis

    The Burma Government and Solel Boneh, the Israel construction cooperative, will establish two industries in Burma on a partnership basis, Burmese Premier U Nu declared in Haifa today as he continued his tour of the Jewish State. Premier U Nu said that his government would invest $8,000,000 together with Solel Boneh to set up a… More ▸

  • Burma’s Premier Honored by City of Tel Aviv; Cheered by Crowds

    Burma’s Premier was today made an honorary citizen of the city of Tel Aviv at a City Hall ceremony witnessed by thousands of Israelis who had turned out to line the city’s main streets and cheer Premier U Nu as he rode to City Hall, accompanied by Israel Premier Moshe Sharett. The streets along which… More ▸

  • Twenty Israel Educators to Teach in Burma Schools

    Twenty Israel teachers and technical instructors will be sent to Burma to teach in Burmese high schools for one or two year periods, Announcement of this decision was made by Prof. M. Ratner, deputy director of the Israel Technical Institute at Haifa, who recently returned from Burma where he headed a four-man group of Israel… More ▸