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  • Israel Urges Aid for Cambodian People

    Israel declared today that “firm actions, and not just words” are needed to help the Cambodian people and pledged to participate in the humanitarian efforts to save the starving people of Cambodia. Addressing the Pledging Conference for Emergency Humanitarian Relief to the People of Kampuchea (Cambodia) which opened here today. Yehuda Blum, Israel’s Ambassador to… More ▸

  • Jewish Communities to Aid in Resettlement of Cambodian Refugees Arriving in the U.S.

    Jewish’ communities throughout the United States will participate in the resettlement of 123 of the 1000 Cambodian refugees arriving in this country within the next several days, according to Gaynor I. Jacobson, executive vice-president of United HIAS Service. To date, a number of Jewish communities, including New York City; Chicago; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; Tulsa, Oklahoma;… More ▸

  • Israelis Cool to Prospect of Cambodian Request for Military Aid

    Political sources here reacted coolly today to yesterday’s suggestion by the new Cambodian Ambassador that his country would contemplate asking Israel for military aid if U. S. military support is terminated next month. Ambassador Keo Kimsan made the remark in an interview with the Jerusalem Post published today Israeli sources said no such request has… More ▸

  • Cambodia Has Opened Embassy in Jerusalem; Saigon Expected to Follow

    Cambodia has opened an Embassy here to the Intense satisfaction of the Foreign Ministry. It is the first Asian country to have an Embassy in Jerusalem (rather than Tel Aviv) and it will shortly be followed by South Vietnam with which Israel recently formed diplomatic ties. The Cambodian Embassy was opened in Sept. In a… More ▸

  • Cambodia to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

    The Cambodian government has advised the Foreign Ministry that it intends to open an Embassy in Jerusalem shortly, it was reported today. Cambodia presently has no resident ambassador in Israel. Its envoy in London is accredited to Jerusalem. Israel has a resident ambassador in the Cambodian capital. More ▸

  • Israelis Remaining in Cambodia to Help Farmers As American, Vietnamese Troops Pull out

    As the Americans and Vietnamese are pulling out of Cambodia, the Israelis are staying, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned yesterday. A four man international cooperation project in Cambodia is staying to continue organizing Cambodian farmers and helping them use modern farming methods in the Mekong River area. “The men have instructions not to pull out… More ▸

  • Ajcommittee Critical of U.S. Cambodia Involvement; Urges Action on Other Fronts

    The American Jewish Committee, in a statement sharply critical of the American involvement in Cambodia, declared that “anguish over Indo-China or our urgent domestic needs,” must not blind the United States to “other grave and stubborn problems on the international scene,” including the Middle East. The statement listed the other problem areas as Latin America,… More ▸

  • Aj Congress Calls for U.S. Withdrawal from Cambodia, Soviets out of Egypt

    The American Jewish Congress today called on the United States to withdraw its forces from Cambodia and the Soviet Union to send its troops home from Egypt. “We urge both nations to refrain from such reckless military adventures,” the Congress declared in a statement adopted by its national executive committee. “It is ironically true that… More ▸