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  • Israeli Police Joining Haiti Force; Training in Puerto Rico for the Mission

    A 30-member Israeli police contingent left here last week to join an international peacekeeping force whose goal is to restore law and order in Haiti. The 28 men and two women who volunteered to assist in the restoration of stability in the Caribbean island nation left Israel on Oct. 6. The group left two days… More ▸

  • Court Clears Way for Dispatch of Volunteer Police Force to Haiti

    After temporarily blocking the move, Israel’s High Court of Justice this week unanimously approved sending a 30-member police contingent to assume peacekeeping duties in Haiti. The court’s decision, combined with the Cabinet’s approval of the mission last week, cleared the way for the departure of the 28 men and women who volunteered to help restore… More ▸

  • Departure of Haiti-bound Police Delayed for Political, Legal Concerns

    The departure of a 30-member Israeli police contingent that was to assume peacekeeping duties in Haiti has been postponed pending further consideration by the Cabinet and the High Court of Justice. The 28 men and two women who volunteered to help restore stability in Haiti were to have left Israel on Monday for Puerto Rico… More ▸

  • Israel Choosing Volunteers for Haiti in Wake of a Peaceful U.S. Occupation

    Israeli authorities are currently selecting candidates from among those volunteering to serve as part of an Israeli police force in Haiti. Gavriel Amir, the retired chief police inspector and former prison commissioner, will head the Israeli contingent, which will include 30 current members of the police as well as retirees. The Israeli detachment will be… More ▸

  • Israel Agrees to Send Police to Haiti

    As the United States readies for the possible invasion of Haiti, Israel has pledged to send 30 police officers to the island when the fighting concludes. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin authorized the contingent Sunday, after President Clinton telephoned last week for Israeli aid to oust the present military rulers of the Caribbean island. Clinton did… More ▸

  • Israel Rejects U.S. Request to Join Military Force in Haiti

    Israel has rejected an American request to join a U.N.-sponsored international military force for a possible invasion of Haiti. Speaking on Army Radio on Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin said Israel was willing to send humanitarian assistance to Haiti. But he ruled out sending members of the Israel Defense Force, saying the climate in… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Jews of Cuba Undergoing a Communal Renaissance

    A quiet revolution is brewing in Havana. As the Cuban economy crumbles, crippled by the disintegration of the Soviet empire and a 30-year U.S. embargo, the island’s tiny Jewish community is undergoing a startling renaissance. Last year, there were about 750 known Jews in Cuba. This year, there are more than 1,200. Some are new… More ▸

  • Aristide Asks U.S. Jewish Leaders to Help Restore Democracy to Haiti

    Exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has asked Jewish organizational leaders to help rally the pressure needed to force out of power the military junta that overthrew him last fall. “The more people who know what’s going on in our country, the easier it will be to change things,” he told representatives of the New York… More ▸

  • End of USSR Means Hardships for Jews and Others in Cuba

    For the 892 Jews of Cuba, the disappearance of their country’s protector and patron, the Soviet Union, means pretty much what it means for the other 10 million inhabitants of the island: shortages. “It is very, very hard for all the Cubans,” Moises Asis, Cuba’s lone teacher of Judaism, said in a recent interview here…. More ▸

  • Jews of Curacao Win Court Fight

    Historic manuscripts offered for auction here last year must be returned to the congregation of Temple Mikveh Israel Emmanuel on the island of Curacao, an Amsterdam district court ruled last week. The manuscripts were being auctioned by Christie’s on behalf of a member of the Curacao congregation, Victor Pereira, who had claimed they were donated… More ▸