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  • Street Named in Honor of Dominican Republic for Support of Israel

    A street named in honor of the Dominican Republic was dedicated here yesterday at ceremonies attended by Mayor Teddy Kollek and Dr. Jaime Manuel Fernandez Gonzalez, Foreign Secretary of the Caribbean nation. Mayor Kollek presented him with a silver Jerusalem Medal and expressed thanks to the Dominican Republic for its diplomatic support of Israel during… More ▸

  • In Cuba’s Press the X in Nixon Replaced with Swastika

    In Castro’s Cuba, President Nixon is a Nazi; at least that is how the controlled Cuban press seeks to identify him to the masses, reports CBS Radio Network news correspondent Mike Wallace who just returned from an assignment in Cuba. In all Cuban newspapers, the X in the name Nixon is replaced by a swastika,… More ▸

  • Wjcongress Report Finds No Anti-semitism Behind Last Summer’s Riots in Curacao

    An investigation by an official of the World Jewish Congress has confirmed that there was no anti-Semitic intent behind the riots in the Netherlands West Indies colony of Curacao last summer in which the premises of some Jewish merchants were badly damaged. A report on the incidents by Lavy M. Becker, of Montreal, chairman of… More ▸

  • Curacao Leader Says Most Jews Are Prepared to Salvage Damage Caused by Rioting

    Most Jews in the Netherlands West Indies colony of Curacao are prepared to salvage the damage done to their business establishments in last Friday’s rioting even though it may take as long as three years to recoup the losses put at $35 million, according to Lionel Capriles, a leader of the island’s Sephardic community and… More ▸

  • Rioters on Curacao Inflict Severe Damage. on Many Jewish-owned Business Firms

    Eye-witness accounts of rioting in the Dutch West Indies colony of Curacao have confirmed earlier reports that Jewish-owned business establishments suffered severe damage. Travellers reaching here mentioned Casa Cohen, Marine Store, El Globo. El Siglo, Touber, Casa Jose Verona and Spritzer & Furman among the shops that were sacked or burned by rampaging workers from… More ▸

  • Foreign Ministry Probes Report That El Fatah Members Are Trained in Cuba

    The Foreign Ministry announced today that Gabriel Doron, Israel’s Minister in Havana, has been instructed to look into a report that El Fatah members were being trained by Cuban army officers on Cuban soil. The report appeared yesterday in the newspaper Yediot Achronot. Cuban diplomats here could neither confirm nor deny it and said they… More ▸

  • Envoy Hedges on Report El Fatah Guerrillas Are Being Trained in Cuba

    Cuba’s Minister to Israel could neither confirm nor deny a report in a local newspaper today that El Fatah guerrillas were receiving advanced training in sabotage and commando tactics in his country. The report appeared in Yediot Achronot whose military correspondent attributed his information to “reliable sources in the United States.” According to the account,… More ▸

  • Formula to Preserve Monuments Being Tested in Ancient Cemetery in Curacao

    A monument-saving formula developed by a Jewish chemistry professor at New York University is being tested as a preservative on tombstones in what is believed to be the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Western Hemisphere, the famous Mikve Israel Cemetery in Curacao, Netherlands West Indies. Prof. Seymour Z. Lewin, who developed a compound for preserving… More ▸

  • Canadian Jews to Send Passover Supplies to Cuba’s Dwindling Jewish Colony

    The Canadian Jewish Congress reported today it had approved a request from the Hebrew Religious Community of Cuba for the same quantity of kosher Passover foods as was requested last year. The CJC treasurer was authorized to buy the Passover products and to ship them to the Cuban Jewish community. The Cuban Jews reported, in… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith Sets Up New District for Caribbean Area

    Mendel Stein Sapir of Chile was elected president of the 20th District of B’nai B’rith at its fifth annual Latin American convention here. Other officers, from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, were also named. The convention approved formation of a 23rd B’nai B’rith District, made up of lodges in Caribbean countries, which will be installed shortly… More ▸