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Center for Immigration Studies

  • Jews hardening on illegal immigration

    To the Editor: In an “oh my God” moment, David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, confessed the finding that “elicited the most surprise” in AJC’s recent survey of Jewish political attitudes was majority support for Arizona’s SB1070 law.  It didn’t surprise me. My think tank, the Center for Immigration Studies, documented overwhelming… More ▸

  • Prejudging the Ariz. immigration law issue

    To the Editor: “ADL joins Arizona lawsuit” reflects the groupthink that has stifled debate on immigration within the Jewish establishment while lowering journalistic standards. Its opening sentence prejudges the issue by saying that Arizona’s state Senate bill 1070 is termed “restrictive.” The “news story” also alleges the law grants “police wide latitude to stop individuals… More ▸