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Central Relief Committee

  • News Brief

    The assertion that all Jewish parochial schools in Greater New York, called the “small yeshivas,” face liquidation because of insufficient financial support, is made by Rabbi Reuben Livovitz, in an appeal he published in the “Jewish Morning Journal.” Rabbi Livovitz states that after a survey made by him, he learned that all parochial schools are… More ▸

  • Adequate Representation in Jewish Agency Demanded by Orthodox Rabbis’ Union

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) A demand that Orthodox Jewry and in particular the Union of Orthodox Rabbis in the United States and Canada be given adequate representation in the Jewish Agency which is soon to be formed to further the rebuilding of Palestine as a general Jewish responsibility, was formulated in a resolution adopted at the… More ▸

  • Discuss Condition of Orthodox Rabbinate at Annual Convention

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) The problems and difficulties of the Orthodox Rabbinate in the Jewish communities in the United States were presented on the second day of the twenty-fifth annual convention of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis which is in session here at the Carlton Hotel. Rabbi Eliezar Silver of Springfield. Mass and Dr. B. Revel,… More ▸

  • “borrow and Advance” Slogan Siimulates the Collections of the U.j.c.

    The stimulating influence which the emergency appeal issued by David A. Brown, national chairman of the United Jewish Campaign, has had on local campaigns throughout the country, is apparent from a number of reports received from various localities, a statement from the headquarters of the campaign declares. The slogan “Borrow and Advance,” adopted to secure… More ▸

  • J.D.C. Allots $300,000 for Continuing Cultural Activities During 1928

    The amount of $300,000 has been appropriated by the Joint Distribution Committee for the continuance of cultural activities in East European countries during 1928. This sum will be distributed to the various institutions on a gradually decreasing scale, so that the local committees can adjust themselves to their gradually increasing responsibilities and prepare to meet… More ▸

  • Louis Marshall Stirs Chicago Conference Reviewing J. D. C. Work

    Full Text of American Jewish Leader’s Address Before Delegates of Constructive Relief Conference Given (Jewish Daily Bulletin) The keynote address of the Constructive Relief Conference of the United Jewish Campaign and the Joint Distribution Committee was delivered by Louis Marshall at the Sunday afternoon session. Mr. Marshall, in reviewing the history of the Joint Distribution… More ▸

  • J.D.B. News Letter

    (By our London Correspondent) The first meeting in Europe of the Fellowship of Faiths in which seven religions, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindoo, Jewish, Mohammedan and Theosophist, were represented on one platform, was held last night at the City Temple here. The fellowship was established in America about three years ago to show the points on… More ▸

  • Jewish N. F. Acquires New Land in Jezreel Valley

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A new land purchase in the Valley of Jezreel was made by the Jewish National Fund. The Fund acquired an area of 9,727 dunams. The land will be used to establish a settlement of Orthodox workmen, members of the Ha poel Ha’mizrachi organization. Rabbi M. S. Margolies, honorary president of the Union… More ▸

  • News Brief

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mai Service) A party of American Orthodox leaders including Rabbi M. S. Margolics, Honorary President of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of America, Harry Fischel and Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Secretary of the Central Relief Committee, arrived here yesterday. Rabbi Margolies will spend some time in Palestine. The party also includes Rabbi Jacob… More ▸