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  • On Eve of Chanukah, New Museum Marks ‘miracle’ of New South Africa

    Shortly before the start of Chanukah celebrations marking the miracle of release from oppression, two Jewish South African businessmen plan to open a museum in Johannesburg to mark the miracle of the peaceful transition from apartheid to a democratic South Africa. Twins Solly and Abe Krok, 72, leading South African industrialists, are prominent philanthropists for… More ▸

  • At Event, ‘reb Putin’ Offers Kremlin’s Take on Chanukah

    Never known as a scholar of Judaism, Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered his interpretation of the meaning of Chanukah. The holiday “means not a military but a spiritual victory, and without that it is impossible to build a strong society and a strong state,” Putin said late last week, visiting a Jewish center to… More ▸

  • Chanukah Feature: Latke Oil Doesn’t Mix with the Wreaths of Christmas

    “Look, elves spinning dreidels,” my son Danny, 9, says as we pull up to the cleaners in full view of their freshly painted holiday window. “And Santa hanging a Star of David ornament on the tree,” Jeremy, 11, adds. Yes, welcome to Chrisukah 2000, a mix-and-match, one size fits all, generic, all-inclusive holiday season. Where… More ▸