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  • Empire State Gets Chanukah Lights

    For Chanukah, a holiday of miracles, a young girl is getting her wish — and New Yorkers will be basking in its glow. On the first night of Chanukah, Dec. 23, the lights on the Empire State Building will shine blue and white, thanks to 9-year-old Mallory Blair Greitzer. Greitzer, a New York City resident,… More ▸

  • Challenge of Buying Gifts for Chanukah is No Miracle

    Chanukah, a holiday of miracles, hope, latkes, doughnuts — and presents. The thought of gifts alone strikes fear in the hearts of people. But fear not, there are books, toys, CD-Roms and many other items for Chanukah gifts for all ages. For kids, there are a variety of Chanukah-themed items. A good place to start… More ▸

  • St. Petersburg Jews Unveil New Torah Scroll for Chanukah

    Chanukah at St. Petersburg’s Great Choral Synagogue had a special meaning Thursday night, when community members got their first look at a new Torah scroll donated by friends from abroad. Young and old congregants alike crowded near the aisles as Rabbi Mendel Pewzner and community leader Mark Gruborg carried the red-covered scroll around the sanctuary… More ▸

  • Chanukah Feature (4): Craft Projects to Entertain Family for Festival of Lights

    Chanukah is a special holiday that seems to capture the imagination. From the flames of the menorah to the oil that lasted for eight days and the brightly wrapped presents that delight children, Chanukah is perhaps the most enchanting holiday. To help get in the mood, here are some Chanukah projects to keep everyone busy… More ▸

  • Chanukah Feature (2): Behind the Fable of Miracle Oil Lies a Struggle for Jewish Unity

    On Oct. 16, in the year 164 B.C.E., the victorious Maccabees rededicated the purified Jerusalem Temple, thus launching the checkered history of Chanukah, the Feast of Dedication. Ironically, three or four years earlier, the widespread Jewish unrest seemed to be an ineffective rebellion going nowhere. And in less than four years, the trimphant reversal of… More ▸

  • Chanukah Feature (1): Chanukah; a Miracle Remembered

    Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights, is a family celebration of love and tradition. To commemorate a historic struggle for their freedom, Jews families around the world light one new candle on the menorah each evening. On the eighth day, the entire menorah glows. Here are recipes for Chanukah that are delicious, and traditional… More ▸

  • Court Rules Against Menorah Displayed in Beverly Hills Park

    A federal appeals court has ruled that the city of Beverly Hills violated the Constitution by allowing Chabad to erect a menorah in a public park, while prohibiting other groups from displaying their own symbols in the same park. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting in San Francisco, found that Beverly Hills clearly showed… More ▸

  • Three Menorahs Vandalized in Richmond, Va., over Chanukah

    Three menorah displays were vandalized in Richmond, Va., during the last few nights of Chanukah. A menorah on private property supported by Chabad-Lubavitch in Richmond was destroyed Thursday night. Its lights were broken and the entire structure tipped over. On Saturday night, two more menorahs, one at the Jewish Community Center in Richmond – erected… More ▸