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  • South African Nationalists Assail Films of German Atrocities As “jewish Propaganda”

    Nationalist newspapers here are assailing films of German atrocities, which are being shown in all theatres, as “Jewish propaganda.” One nationalist newspaper summed up its reaction to the films by declaring: “It is clear that Jewish capitalist war instigators are becoming afraid with the approaching peace, that the peace terms may be too Christian. Therefore… More ▸

  • France Recongnises Hias-ica As Official Body for Jewish Migration, Dr. Bernstein Reports

    The French Government has recognised the Hias-Ica is the official body for Jewish migration and has permitted the organization to name representatives to the Special Screening Committees at all French frontier stations and ports to check on repatriates, it was reported here today by Dr. James Bernstein, European Director of the Hias-Ica Emigration Association who… More ▸

  • Drive Launched to Ship Kosher Food to Europe’s Children, Agudas Israel Reports

    A nation-wide campaignh has been launched to send kosher food to the starving Jewish children in the war-ravaged countries of liberated Europe, the Agudas Israel Youth Council announced today. Arrangements have already been completed by this drive, which is under the suspices of the refugee-immigration division of the council, to ship the first transport of… More ▸

  • Yugosliv Government Allots $250,000 for Aid for Destitute Jewish War Orphans

    The Yugoslav Ministry of Social Welfare has allotted 10,000,000 dinars (nominally $250,000) to aid Jewish orphans without relatives or property, the New Yugoslav Telegraph Service reports today. The announcement said that “although a very small number of Jews survived the horrors of Belgrade and the concentration camps at Jajince and Poland, the care of this… More ▸