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  • Wiesenthal Announces Global Campaign to Pressure Chile to Expel a Nazi War Criminal

    Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal announced here that an international campaign has been launched by the Simon Wiesenthal Center at Yeshiva University in Los Angeles to exert pressure on the government of Chile to expel a former Nazi official, Walter Rauff, who has been living in Santiago since 1958. Wiesenthal said the campaign is taking the formal… More ▸

  • Chile Urged to Expel War Criminal

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has called on Chile’s Minister of Interior, Sergio Onofre Jarpa, to act affirmatively on the request of his country’s Jewish community that Nazi war criminal Walter Rauff be expelled from Chile. During World War II, some 250,000 Jews were murdered in Europe by the movable gas vans invented by… More ▸

  • Israel Expresses ‘profound Regret’ over Chile’s Refusal to Expel Rauff

    Israel expressed “prefound regret” today over Chile’s refusal of its request to expel Nazi war criminal Walter Rauff. A Justice Ministry spokesman said Israel would continue its efforts to secure Rauff’s expulsion or extradition in order to bring to justice a man responsible for the murder of at least 250,000 Jews during World War II…. More ▸

  • Israeli Official Visits Chile to Demand the Expulsion of War Criminal

    David Kimche, Director General of the Foreign Ministry, has made a surprise visit to Chile to press the Israeli government’s request to the government of President Augusta Pinochet to expel Walter Rauff, a Nazi war criminal held responsible for the murder of a quarter million Jews during World War II. Rauff found haven in Chile… More ▸

  • Chile Urged to Apprehend Former Nazi Official Sought by Israel

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has called upon President Augusto Pinochet of Chile to immediately take into custody Walter Rauff, a former Nazi official sought by Israel for crimes against humanity, “in order to make certain that he does not evade being brought to judgement once again.” At the same time, the leader of… More ▸

  • Israel, Chile Agree to Expand Trade, Agricultural Cooperation

    The official visit of Chile’s Foreign Minister Miguel Schweitzer Walters ended this week with agreements to expand trade and agricultural cooperation between Israel and that South American country. While in Israel, Walters conferred with acting Foreign Minister Moshe Nissim and Deputy Foreign Minister Yehuda Ben-Meir. Chile, an arid country, is particularly interested in Israel’s experience… More ▸

  • New Ambassador from Chile Presents His Credentials

    The new Ambassador of Chile, Santiago Benadava, formerly a chairman of a Zionist youth organization, presented his credentials yesterday to President Yitzhak Navon, in the wake of his government’s decision to move the embassy to Tel Aviv. “The fact is that I am Ambassador to Israel,” he said. “it is not up to me to… More ▸

  • Denies Mengele is in Chile

    Reports that Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele is hiding out in Chile were denied by Foreign Minister Hernan Cubillos. He told reporters that the government has no information that he is in the country. The question was raised after Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal said in Vienna last Friday that he had reliable information from three independent… More ▸

  • Mengele Now Reported in Chile

    An Auschwitz survivor told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Dr. Josef Mengele, the notorious death camp doctor, is apparently still living in Paraguay while the government of that country takes no steps to extradite him or even acknowledges his presence But Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi-hunter who has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to… More ▸