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  • Rauff Reported Dead in Chile

    Walter Rauff, who is held responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in mobile gas chambers during World War II, died today in Santiago, Chile, at the age of 77, according to Chile’s semi-official news agency Orde. The report could not be immediately confirmed. More ▸

  • Legislator Seeks to Bar U.S. Aid to Chile While a Nazi is Harbored There

    The House Foreign Affairs Committee has unanimously approved an amendment offered by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D. N.Y.) that bars United States foreign aid to Chile until that country deports infamous Nazi Walter Rauff to Israel. “It is imperative that Rauff be expelled,” Ackerman declared, “in order to bring to justice a man responsible for the… More ▸

  • Demonstrators Protest Chile’s Refusal to Extradite Rauff

    Some 50 persons braved heavy rain and snow yesterday to stage a demonstration outside the midtown Manhattan offices of the Chilean airlines to protest the Chilean government’s refusal to extradite Walter Rauff, a Nazi war criminal held responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Jews during World War II. The demonstration, sponsored by… More ▸

  • Elalaides in Postcard Campaign Which Calls on Chile to Expel Rauff

    El Al Airlines has responded to the Simon Wiesenthal’s grass roots postcard campaign to get a former high Nazi official expelled from Chile by flying 50,000 postcards and leaflets to Israel, it was announced by Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Wiesenthal Center at Yeshiva University. This was confirmed in New York by David Schneider,… More ▸

  • Wiesenthal Announces Global Campaign to Pressure Chile to Expel a Nazi War Criminal

    Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal announced here that an international campaign has been launched by the Simon Wiesenthal Center at Yeshiva University in Los Angeles to exert pressure on the government of Chile to expel a former Nazi official, Walter Rauff, who has been living in Santiago since 1958. Wiesenthal said the campaign is taking the formal… More ▸

  • Chile Urged to Expel War Criminal

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has called on Chile’s Minister of Interior, Sergio Onofre Jarpa, to act affirmatively on the request of his country’s Jewish community that Nazi war criminal Walter Rauff be expelled from Chile. During World War II, some 250,000 Jews were murdered in Europe by the movable gas vans invented by… More ▸

  • Israel Expresses ‘profound Regret’ over Chile’s Refusal to Expel Rauff

    Israel expressed “prefound regret” today over Chile’s refusal of its request to expel Nazi war criminal Walter Rauff. A Justice Ministry spokesman said Israel would continue its efforts to secure Rauff’s expulsion or extradition in order to bring to justice a man responsible for the murder of at least 250,000 Jews during World War II…. More ▸

  • Israeli Official Visits Chile to Demand the Expulsion of War Criminal

    David Kimche, Director General of the Foreign Ministry, has made a surprise visit to Chile to press the Israeli government’s request to the government of President Augusta Pinochet to expel Walter Rauff, a Nazi war criminal held responsible for the murder of a quarter million Jews during World War II. Rauff found haven in Chile… More ▸