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  • Report Chile Withdraws Support for UN Anti-zionist Resolution

    Reports reaching here from Santiago today said that Chile has withdrawn its support from the anti-Zionist resolution it supported in the General Assembly’s Third Committee two weeks ago. According to the reports, President Augusto Pinochet informed Foreign Minister Patricio Carvajal that he did not approve of Chile’s position and gave him “specific instructions to rectify… More ▸

  • Israeli Envoy in Chile Honored

    The government of Chile, headed by General Augusto Pinochet, recently decorated Moshe A. Tov, upon the termination of his four years as Israel’s ambassador to Santiago. The Order of Merit, “Gran Cruz” Class, was awarded to Tov by Chilean Foreign Minister, Vice-Admiral Patricio Carvajal, who said at the decoration ceremony that “Chilean-Israeli relations are inspired… More ▸

  • U.S. JDC Leaders in Chile

    Jack D. Weiler, chairman, and Samuel L. Haber, executive vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee spent four days in Santiago, Chile, their last stop on their inspection tour of JDC facilities in Latin America. Accompanied by Alfredo Berlfein, head of the JDC’s Buenos Aires office, the American Jewish leaders visited schools, Jewish community centers, homes… More ▸

  • Chile Denies Naming Former Ss Officer As Intelligence Chief

    Chile has categorically denied what it terms “reports coming from Europe” that it has named former SS officer Walter Rauff head of the Chilean Intelligence Services, the French Daily, “Le Monde,” reported last week. Col. Pedro Erwing, Secretary-General of the Chilean Military Junta, called the reports of Rauff’s nomination “totally false” and said they were… More ▸

  • Reports of Anti-semitism in Chile Exaggerated in U.s., Foreign Press

    A Mexico City Jewish official, just back from a visit to Chile declared here that reports in the American and foreign press about anti-Semitism or a bad situation for Jews under the present government of Chile were very exaggerated. Sergio Nudelstejer said leaders of the Jewish community in Santiago stated that there was no anti-Semitism… More ▸

  • Junta in Chile Reported Friendly Towards Jewish Community

    The Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith reported today that it has received information that the military junta in Chile has made some positive gestures towards the Jewish community. In addition to sending identical New Year’s messages to the Representative Committee of the Jewish Community of Chile and to the Zionist Federation of Chile, the… More ▸

  • Jewish Professor Arrested in Chile

    Dr. Jacques Zylberberg, a Belgian Jewish professor who taught sociology at the University of Concepcion in Chile while the government of Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens was in power, has been arrested and imprisoned at the Kuiri-Kuina naval base off the Chilean coast of Talcahuana, it was revealed here today by the Belgian Ambassador to Chile…. More ▸

  • Israel Will Recognize Chile Junta

    Israel will shortly recognize the new junta in Chile, informed sources said here today. The junta has sent Israel–and presumably other countries–a formal note informing it of the change in government. Under accepted diplomatic procedure a reply to this note would mean in practice that Israel recognizes the new government. The Foreign Ministry intends to… More ▸

  • Report Faivovich Given Asylum in Mexican Embassy in Santiago

    Jaime Faivovich, the former Mayor of Santiago and Transport Ministry Under-Secretary during the administration of Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens, is reported to have been granted asylum in the Mexican Embassy in Santiago. Faivovich was one of the most outspoken and energetic proponents of Allende’s program and was, according to a news report from Chile, one… More ▸