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  • Charge Chile’s Problems Were Due to ‘jewish Communist Conspiracy’

    According to a report received here this morning a “Jewish Communist conspiracy” is being held responsible for the economic and social problems that developed while Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens was President of Chile. A letter to the editor of “El Mercurio,” one of two major daily newspapers that is being allowed to publish by the… More ▸

  • Jewish Community Institutions in Chile Not Harmed by Coup

    Mark Turkow, secretary of the Latin American Jewish Congress, reported that he telephoned Santiago this morning and was able to reach Dr. Gil Sinay, president of the Representative Committee of Chilean Jews. During their few minutes of conversation Turkow said Dr. Sinay reported that Jewish community institutions were not harmed during last week’s military coup… More ▸

  • New Chile Regime Urged to Be Alert to Any Anti-semitism

    The American Jewish Committee today called upon the new government of Chile to “be alert to any signs or acts of anti-Semitism” in the wake of the overthrow of the Allende government, and “to be prepared to uphold Chile’s proud record as a democratic nation by taking appropriate action against those who would attempt to… More ▸

  • Jewish Youths Among Refugees in Chile Regarded As ‘extremists’

    A number of Jewish youths, less than 100, are among the 13,000 political refugees from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay who sought asylum in Chile but are now regarded as “extremists” by the Chilean military junta that overthrew the Allende regime, a well informed source here indicated today. The source said the refugees’ families fear they… More ▸

  • Israeli Labor Party Expresses Shock, Sorrow over Military Coup in Chile

    The Israeli Labor Party expressed sorrow and shock today over the military coup in Chile and the death, apparently by suicide, of President Salvador Allende Gossens. The message was cabled by Labor Party Secretary General Aharon Yadlin to the chairman of the Socialist International in Vienna, and to the representative of the Chilean Radical Party… More ▸

  • Jews Made Scapegoats for Chile’s Economic and Political Troubles

    Chilean Jews, because of a few in sensitive government positions, are finding themselves increasingly involved in the strife between the Marxist regime of President Salvador Allende and the powerful opposition factions which are making Jews scapegoats for the nation’s economic and political troubles. The opposition is using the Jewish ancestry of certain government officials to… More ▸

  • Jews in Chile Are Neutral on Political Matters in Country

    The executive board of the Representative Committee of Chilean Jews issued a statement today affirming its absolute neutrality on political matters in this country now in the throes of political and economic turmoil. The statement was issued. Committee president Gil Sinay said, in light of anti-Semitic statements contained in letters published in various newspapers criticizing… More ▸

  • Tisha B’av Service in Santiago

    The Jewish community observed Tisha B’av in the Sephardic Temple in a service expressing solidarity with Jews oppressed and humiliated in Arab countries, particularly Syria and Iraq. A large congregation attended the solemn service under the direction of Maurice Pitchon, spiritual leader of the Sephardic community. The audience included Moshe Tov. Israeli Ambassador to Chile,… More ▸

  • Wiesenthal Says Major Nazi War Criminal Living Openly in Chile

    Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi hunter, claimed today that a major Nazi war criminal is living freely and openly in Chile but cannot be extradited because of that country’s 15 year statute of limitations on extraditable offenses. Wiensethal, who heads the Nazi war crimes center in Vienna, identified the wanted Nazi as Walter Rauff, 66, who…. More ▸

  • Chile, Israel, in Exchange Programs

    Israeli water irrigation experts have been invited to Chile to help this country study ways and means of irrigating arid land and improving present irrigation methods, it was reported by Israeli Ambassador Moshe Tov. The Israeli envoy told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that several months ago President Salvador Allende sent the Chilean Minister of Development… More ▸