• Chilean Jews Arrive in Israel; Some 1000 Have Left Chile Since Recent Elections

    Twenty-six Chilean Jews who left home out of fear of loss of professional employment arrived here today. They said around 1,000 Chilean Jews have left their country since the change of presidents, and that many of them may come to Israel. Among today’s passengers was an Israeli living in Chile the past seven years. Chile’s… More ▸

  • Jewish Leadership of Chile Calls on Soviet Government to End Anti-jewish Campaign

    The leadership council of the Jewish community of Chile, representing numerous institutions and civic organizations, adopted a resolution at its meeting here protesting the anti-Jewish campaign by the Soviet government and declaring its solidarity “with our brothers in the USSR.” The resolution called on the Soviet government to allow those Jews who wish to emigrate… More ▸

  • Santiago Police Probing Bombings of Hungarian Jews’ Club and Synagogue

    Local police were investigating a series of bombings at Jewish premises yesterday which caused an estimated $800 damage. A bomb exploded early in the morning at a club of Hungarian Jews and another bomb destroyed the front door of a synagogue. An unexploded bomb was found later at a Jewish cemetery. More ▸

  • Chile Police Investigating Two Anti-jewish Bombing Attempts in Santiago

    Police are investigating two Molotov cocktail bombings by anti-Semitic terrorists here. One of the explosives was hurled at dawn Sunday at the Jewish Hungarian Club. Fire caused damage before it was extinguished. That night an automobile belonging to a member of the Bene Israel (Indian Jewish) community was bombed, with fire damage estimated at $500…. More ▸

  • Santiago Police Looking into Second Bombing of Jewish Institution in Week

    Police here are investigating the second bombing in a week of a Jewish institution here. Two “Molotov cocktails” were hurled at the B’nai Israel Synagogue here before dawn yesterday breaking two windows. There were no injuries and property damage was limited. The Instituto Hebreo Dr. Weizmann, a Jewish school, received fire damage and a number… More ▸

  • Chile’s Largest Newspaper Assails Soviet Anti-semitism

    Chile’s most important newspaper. El Murcurio, charged in an editorial yesterday that the Jewish community in the Soviet Union continued to be deprived of the national rights enjoyed by many other peoples in that country and had no liberty to practice its religion and teach its children in its own language. The editorial, which welcomed… More ▸

  • Chile’s President, Chief Rabbi Join Ceremonies in Spirit of Ecumenism

    The spirit of ecumenism has been implemented here through the establishment of a Government-sponsored first-aid station opened here today, with ceremonies in which the President of Chile was joined by four local, religious leaders, including Chief Rabbi Manfred Lubliner. Dr. Lubliner, speaking during the ceremonies in Hebrew as well as in Spanish, referred to the… More ▸