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  • Jewish Delegation Presses China on Human Rights and Arms Control

    The People’s Republic of China has joined other countries in calling for Israel’s complete withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But Beijing refuses to accept that in the rest of the world, China is also seen as an occupier because of its control of Tibet. Alfred Moses, president of the American Jewish Committee,… More ▸

  • China to Give Israel a Rocket

    China is prepared to provide a rocket to launch an Israeli-built space satellite, the deputy head of the Chinese military industries said during a visit here Monday. He leads a high-level delegation sent from Beijing to sign a commercial and economic agreement with Israel. The delegation, which includes senior officials of China’s Ministry of National… More ▸

  • Visiting Chinese Official Denies Israel Gave It U.S. Arms Technology

    A senior official of the Chinese Communist Party visiting here has offered an equivocal denial of allegations that Israel transferred U.S. Patriot anti-missile technology to his country. Lee Cheng Veng, head of a delegation invited to Israel by Mapam and the Israel Communist Party, said Wednesday that “to the best of his knowledge” there was… More ▸

  • Israel-china Airline Plans on Track, but June 1 Startup Called Premature

    El Al is confident that its projected service to China will do well. But reports that direct flights from Tel Aviv to Beijing will start on June 1 are “premature,” the airline said Thursday. Agreements in principle have been reached with China Air, the Chinese air carrier, and with the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority, but… More ▸

  • Report That Israel is Selling Patriots to China Called Attempt to Sow Discord

    Reports that Israel provided China with Patriot missiles or technology are a “provocation designed to poison relations between the United States and Israel,” a leading American Jewish group has charged. The reports appear to be “a deliberate attempt to sow discord between Washington and Jerusalem at a time when decisions are about to be made… More ▸

  • Official Says China is Ready for Direct Flights from Israel

    China, which last month established full diplomatic relations with Israel, is preparing for the inauguration of direct air service between Tel Aviv and Beijing by Israel’s national air carrier, E1 A1, Israel Radio reported Tuesday. The news was conveyed in a telephone interview with Isi Leibler of Australia, co-chair-man of the World Jewish Congress, who… More ▸

  • China Becomes Last of Major Powers to Establish Relations with Israel

    China’s establishment of full relations with Israel, the culmination of a diplomatic initiative begun more than four decades ago, represents an important achievement for the Jewish state at a strategic moment in its history, political observers say. The two countries formally established relations at the ambassadorial level last Friday, when Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy… More ▸

  • Levy off to Portugal, then China, Amid Diplomatic Hints from India

    Foreign Minister David Levy is at the center of new diplomatic activity this week. He flew to Lisbon on Sunday for a two-day official visit to Portugal, which assumed the rotating chairmanship of the European Community’s Council of Ministers on Jan. 1. His next stop may be China. Word just came from Beijing confirming its… More ▸

  • China, Wanting in on Peace Talks, to Establish Ties with Israel Soon

    The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel is expected before the end of this month, if only because China is anxious to attend the multilateral phase of the Middle East peace process, scheduled to open Jan. 28 in Moscow. Israel has laid down the condition that it must have diplomatic ties with every… More ▸

  • China Invites Levy to Beijing, Raising Speculation on Relations

    China has extended an invitation to Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy to visit, furthering the belief that ties between the two countries are imminent. The latest step follows a series of significant moves in the direction of diplomatic relations between the two nations. It is widely believed that Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens visited China… More ▸