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civil rights movement

  • U.S. Civil Rights Commission Staff Member Quits, Calls It ‘Jewish-dominated’

    Domingo Reyes, a staff member of the United States Civil Rights Commission, resigned last weekend from the Commission saying "the Jewish-dominated Commission is black-oriented to the almost total exclusion of the Chicano (Mexican-American) and the American Indian." Mr. Reyes said he had been harassed by the Commission and deprived of his civil rights. He had… More ▸

  • Naacp Raps Nixon’s Failure to Nominate Jew to Fill Supreme Court Vacancies

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said today that its opposition to the appointment of Federal Judge Clement F. Haynesworth, Jr. to the United States Supreme Court was based in part on President Nixon’s apparent break with the tradition of naming at least one American Jew to the highest court in the… More ▸

  • Sammy Davis Jr. and Musicians Arrive in Israel to Entertain Soldiers

    Sammy Davis Jr., the popular American Negro entertainer, arrived here with a group of musicians last night to perform for Israeli soldiers in Army camps and military hospitals. Mr. Davis, who converted to Judaism some years ago, was to give a concert at the Mann Auditorium here today for the benefit of disabled Israeli soldiers. More ▸

  • Farband Calls on Communal Bodies to Seek Jewish Studies Programs in Major Universities

    Farband, the Labor Zionist Order, said today that demands of Black and Spanish-speaking students for cultural recognition branded the melting pot theory as “false and bankrupt,” It called on central Jewish communal bodies to seek establishment of programs of Jewish studies in every major university in this country “dealing as much as possible with the… More ▸

  • Bill Sent to Nixon, District of Columbia May Get Its First Jewish Historical Museum

    A bill passed by the Senate and sent to President Nixon for his signature yesterday may result in the establishment of the first Jewish historical museum in the District of Columbia. The measure authorizes the District government to lease a former synagogue, now designated as a national landmark, to the Jewish Historical Society of Greater… More ▸

  • Jewish War Veterans Chief Calls for Federal Action Against Black Panthers

    National Commander Charles Feuereisen of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA called today for U.S. Justice Department action against the Black Panther Negro extremist group as the veterans organization opened its 74th annual national convention. Mr. Feuereisen said the government should act against the Black Panthers on grounds of conspiracy to commit sedition through… More ▸

  • Writers, Intellectuals Ask Soviet Writers to Seek Cultural Freedom for USSR Jews

    More than 30 American writers, artists and university professors have appealed to the Soviet Writers Union to seek to restore the cultural freedom of three million Jews in the Soviet Union. The appeal was sponsored by the Jewish Labor Committee which said it had been sent to Moscow. A number of intellectuals identified with the… More ▸

  • Newark Jewish Officer Says N.j. Supreme Court Had to Ban Holiday Time off

    A Jewish police officer on the Newark force said the State Supreme Court had no alternative in ruling last week as illegal a long-standing practice allowing Jewish policemen to have time off with pay on Jewish holidays. The unanimous decision climaxed a lengthy battle by Newark police lieutenant Joseph Ebler to end the practice. Capt,… More ▸