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civil rights

  • Bill Sent to Nixon, District of Columbia May Get Its First Jewish Historical Museum

    A bill passed by the Senate and sent to President Nixon for his signature yesterday may result in the establishment of the first Jewish historical museum in the District of Columbia. The measure authorizes the District government to lease a former synagogue, now designated as a national landmark, to the Jewish Historical Society of Greater… More ▸

  • Jewish War Veterans Chief Calls for Federal Action Against Black Panthers

    National Commander Charles Feuereisen of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA called today for U.S. Justice Department action against the Black Panther Negro extremist group as the veterans organization opened its 74th annual national convention. Mr. Feuereisen said the government should act against the Black Panthers on grounds of conspiracy to commit sedition through… More ▸

  • Cornell U. Provost Assails Article on Alleged Black Anti-semitism As Inaccurate

    The Cornell University provost has accused nationally syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak of “particularly blatant and damaging” inaccuracies in a column declaring there was black anti-Semitism on the strife-torn campus, the Washington Post reported today. Mr. Novak replied that he and his colleague had re-checked their sources “and stand by the column as… More ▸

  • Philadelphia Rabbis, Jcrc Urge That Black Conference Spokesmen Be Allowed to Speak

    A guideline for rabbis on handling disruptions of their religious services by Black Economic Development Conference spokesmen, which urges that such spokesmen be given every opportunity to speak to congregants has been Issued by the Philadelphia Board of Rabbis and the Jewish Community Relations Council. The militant black organization has demanded that churches and synagogues… More ▸

  • Sca Assails Vigilante Tactics by ‘unpresentative’ Jewish Group

    The Synagogue Council of America denounced today “calls to violence and vigilantism emanating from various quarters, including a small unpresentative segment of the Jewish community.” The SCA is the coordinating agency for Reform, Conservative and Orthodox rabbinical and congregational organizations. The statement by Rabbi Solomon J. Sharfman, SCA president, did not name any vigilante groups… More ▸

  • Mattapan Rabbi Sees Attack on Him Stemming from Urban Tensions

    A 28-year-old rabbi who was severely burned when two assailants attacked him with an acid bomb in his home here last month said today that the incident may have been related to the tensions between Jews and Negroes in his once predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Rabbi Gerald B. Zelermyer of Temple Beth Hillel here was the… More ▸

  • Workmen’s Circle Assails Jewish Defense League As ‘self-appointed Vigilante Group’

    The Workmen’s Circle, Jewish labor fraternal order, today condemned the Jewish Defense League (JDL) as “a self-appointed vigilante group” and called upon the American Jewish community to join in a unified condemnation. A statement issued by Israel Breslow, president, and Benjamin A. Gebiner, executive secretary, on behalf of the organization, said the JDL, which claims… More ▸

  • American Jewish Committee Withdraws from Foundation over Forman ‘reparations’ Issue

    The American Jewish Committee, the only Jewish member of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), has quit the foundation over its association with a Negro militant group demanding “reparations” from synagogues and churches. In its letter of resignation, the AJ Committee indicated it was seeking new means to mobilize Jewish support to meet the… More ▸

  • Rabbinical Council Proposes Program to Halt Flight from Changing Neighborhoods

    The Rabbinical Council of America proposed today a three-point program to halt the flight of Jews from changing neighborhoods–a national conference of all Orthodox leaders on the subject, to be followed by a meeting with leaders of all faith communities, and additional meetings with Negro and Puerto Rican leaders both on a national and street-to-street… More ▸