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  • Summoned by Israeli President, Jewish Leaders Consider New Forum

    Under the light of Chagall windows, dozens of senior Diaspora and Israeli leaders took their seats in the main hall of the Israeli president’s official residence to discuss the creation of a forum for the Jewish people. It was decided at the June 22-23 meeting that an annual gathering — to be called Beit Yisrael:… More ▸

  • News Brief

    An anti-racist comedy event was held in Paris. Some 3,000 people attended a comedy event Tuesday night in Paris called “Laugh at racism,” where some of France’s most well-known comedians performed. The goal of the event, which was co-sponsored by SOS-Racisme and the Union of French Jewish Students, was “to bring together comics and a… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Four Israelis are suspected of attacking a French comedian known for his anti-Semitic views. Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala was assaulted Wednesday while talking to reporters in the French island of Martinique, a day after the High Court of Appeals in Paris condemned his “obsessive anti-Semitism.” More ▸

  • Jewish Flavor at Oscar Awards, Often Strong, is Subtler This Year

    Jewish talent didn’t make the headlines at Sunday evening’s Academy Awards, but there was some consolation in the less-glamorous categories. Tom Rosenberg briefly shared the spotlight with Clint Eastwood as one of the three producers of best picture “Million Dollar Baby,” which also collected Oscars in the best director, actress and supporting actor categories. Charlie… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture from Entertainment Law in L.a. to Entertaining Troops Nationwide

    Robert Rosenthal, a self-described “typical Jewish boy from Manhattan and Scarsdale,” a onetime bull rider, filmmaker and country music addict, has morphed into the godfather of entertainment at military bases across the United States. The city boy’s unlikely transformation began when he was a kid. One summer he worked on a dude ranch in Arizona…. More ▸

  • News Brief

    A French diplomat accused Israelis of having a negative fixation with France. “There is a sort of anti-French neurosis in this country,” France’s ambassador to Israel, Gerard Araud, told Israel Radio on Thursday, heaping special criticism on the Gallic caricatures of television comedian Eli Yatzpan. “The Israelis are convinced the French are anti-Israel.” The Foreign… More ▸

  • To Combat Anti-semitism, Cartoonist Turns to Old Jewish Staple — Humor

    Israeli cartoonist Ya’akov Kirschen, whose Dry Bones comic strip has appeared in Jewish newspapers for more than 30 years, is aiming his pen in a new direction. Enlisting the help of Mr. Shuldig and his dog Doobie, along with their other bulbous-nosed, wide-eyed cartoon friends, the artist has formed a nonprofit organization called The Dry… More ▸

  • Opinion a Democrat for Bush? the Fight Against Terrorism Outweighs All else

    I support the re-election of President George W. Bush. Why? Because I believe one issue overwhelms all others: the president’s strong commitment to fight the forces of international terrorism, regardless of how much it costs or how long it takes to achieve victory. I do not agree with President Bush on a single major domestic… More ▸

  • News Brief

    British Jews consider U.S. presidential contender Sen. John Kerry one of the most important Jews of the 21st century, a new survey says. The presumptive Democratic nominee for president — who is a Catholic but whose grandfather, Fritz Kohn, was Jewish — was on a list that included film director Steven Spielberg, architect Daniel Liebeskind,… More ▸