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concentration camp

  • British Troops in Palestine Ordered Not to Fraternize with Jews

    Troops of the British Sixth Airborne Division, who have been spread through Palestine to reinforce police posts, have received unofficial instructions not to fraternize with Jews, it was learned today. They have been "advised" to abstain from any contact with Jews. A British military court this morning sentenced Itzhak Zigelbaum, 31, to seven years imprisonment… More ▸

  • 1,000 Jews Sall from Rumania for Palestine; 180 Orphans from Transeistria Aboard

    The Rumanian steamship Transylvania Sailed from here last night for Haifa, carrying 1,000 Jews bound for Palestine. Among them were 180 children whose parents died in Transnistria, 54 adults who were repatriated from Transnistria, 338 refugees from Poland of whom 300 had been confined at Oswiecim and 77 Rumanian chalutzim. The head of the Palestine… More ▸

  • Allied Indictment Charges Nazi Leaders with Extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe

    The first public session of the International War Crimes Tribunal opened in Berlin today with the presentation by the Allied prosecutors of a 35,000-word indictment, charging twenty-four top Nazi leaders and the German High Command with various crimes against humanity and placing squarely upon them the guilt for the extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe… More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Terror Still Continues in Poland; Jews Killied in Several Towns

    Although the Government is taking energetic measures to combat anti-Jewish terrorists, a summary of anti-Jewish outbreaks which took place during the last month, which was published here today, reveals that attacks on Jews continue and that in a number of towns Jews are still being murdered by organized bands. The report discloses that Jews were… More ▸

  • First Two Jewish Survivors of Oswiecim to Reach South America Arrive in Paraguay

    The first two survivors of Oswiecim to reach South America arrived here yesterday, and were welcomed by representatives of the Jewish community and government officials. They are Esther and Sonia Brom, who were liberated from the Nazi death camp by the Red Army. They were enabled to come to Paraguay through the cooperation of President… More ▸

  • 80,000 Lodz Jews Killed in One Night at Oswiecim, Jewish Doctor Testifies

    Eighty-thousand Jews from Lodz were gassed and burned to death in one night at Oswiecim, Dr. Sigismund Bendell, a Jewish physician who was forced to work among the internees, testified today before the British military court trying 45 former guards at Oswiecim and Belsen. Dr. Bendell, who said that he had been deported to Oswiecim… More ▸