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concentration camp

  • Forty Jewish Boys, Survivors of Oswiecim Camp, Placed in Swiss Hospital by Red Cross

    Forty Jewish boys, survivors of the notorious German extermination camp of Oswiecim were brought here by the Red Cross and placed in the Tiefenau Hospital, a municipal institution situated five miles from Berne, where they are receiving care and attention of Swiss physicians and nurses. All are suffering from tuberculosis. Physicians say it will take… More ▸

  • Fewer Than 10,000 Survive of 234,000 Jews Depoted from Western Europe, U.S. Army Says

    Fewer than 10,000 of the 234,000 Jews deported to Germany and Poland from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway during the Nazi occupation have returned to their homelands, according to the first statistical review on the subject prepared by U.S. military authorities. It appears from the review, which was released today, that fewer than five… More ▸

  • Yeshiva Established in Bergen-Belsen Camp; Conference of Jewish Teachers Held

    A yeshiva has been established at the Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany, where several thousand Jewish deportees are still confined, the Agudas Israel office here disclosed today. Rabbi Baumgarten from London has organized the yeshiva with the assistance of two Lithuanian rabbis, who escaped from the Oswiecim camp. The Agudah also-reports that a conference of former… More ▸

  • 25,000 of 151,000 Jews in Northern Transylvania Have Survived; Returning from Camps

    Of the 151,000 Jews who lived in Northern Transylvania before the Germans transferred the area from Hungary to Rumania, about 25,000 may survive, according to an on-the-spot survey by a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent. Since November, 1944, about 8,000 Jews have returned from the Oswiecim and Birkenau camps to Northern Transylvania, which is once more… More ▸

  • Anniversary of Destruction of Warsaw Ghetto to Be Observed As Day of Mourning

    July 22, which will be the second anniversary of the destruction of the Warsaw ghette by the Germans, will be observed as a day of mourning by Polish Jewry, the Lublin radio said today. The breadcast also reported that another mass grave of persons murdered at the Oswiecim death camp has been discovered at Pazczyna…. More ▸

  • New Palestine Arrivals Are Cross-section of Surviving Jews of Europe

    The 1,166 Jewish refugees from all over Europe who disembarked here yesterday from the British steamer Matarda are a cross-section of the surviving Jews of Europe. Among them are former inmates of concentration camps, a partisan who accounted for several Nazis and some youngsters who spent the war years training for agricultural work in Palestine…. More ▸

  • 2,000 Jews from German Camps Gathered in Tyrol Awaiting Opportunity to Emigrate

    Approximately two thousand Jews, originally scattered all over Europe, have in the past several weeks arrived in the Tyrol. They are waiting–most of them–for a chance to move on to new permanent homes in Palestine, the United States, Brazil and France. Since they do not want to go back to their former homes, they have… More ▸