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concentration camps

  • Thirty-six of Forty Dachau Defendants Sentenced to Death, Four Get Prison Terms

    An American military court here today sentenced to death thirty-six of the forty officials of Dachau concentration camp found guilty yesterday of “violations of the usages of war.” Of the other four, one received a sentence of life imprisonment and three Imprisonment for ten years. Among those to die are 74-year-old Dr. Klaus Schilling, accused… More ▸

  • Flight of Jews Fleeing to Munich from Eastern Europe Described by JTA Correspondent

    This capital of Bavaria almost overnight has become the center of continental European Jewry. Pogram conditions in Poland, the unfriendliness in Hungary and other countries toward the Jews and the fear of further persection of those eastern Jews who survived Hitler and returned to their homelands all have caused thousands to leave and to converge… More ▸

  • All Dachau Defendants Doomed by U.S. Military Court; Will Be Hanged

    Forty guards and members of the staff of the notarious Dachau concentration camp were today found guilty by an American military court of having murdered and tortured thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners. (The American Press Service in Germany was quoted by Reuters tonight as reparting that all of the defendants had been sentenced to… More ▸

  • Ent Anti-senites Named to Austrian Cabinet; Allied Council Must Approve Choices

    At least two known anti-Semites are included in the in Austrian Cabinet which Leopeld Figl, Volks Partei leader and new chancellor, yesterday submitted to the Allied Control Council for approval. They are Leopold Kunschak, when he has appointed president of the National Assembly, and Julius Raab, named as the new Minister of Commerce. (The Jewish… More ▸

  • Officers of Jewish Brigade Report on Jewish Position in Czechoslovakia

    Ten officers of the Jewish Brigade, who have just returned from a three-week survey of the situation of the Jews in Czechoslovakia, today issued a report on the difficulties which Jews are encountering in applying for the restoration of their property and in establishing their legal rights. The group went to Czechoslovakia to secure the… More ▸