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concentration camps

  • Former Nazi Prisoner Describes Killing of Jews at Mauthausen Camp by Electrocution

    A former inmate of the Mauthausen death camp today told an American military tribunal trying eight former guards and officials at the camp that Jews were forced to Jump into electrically-charged fences to be burned death. The witness, who preferred to remain unidentified because of fear of reprisals, testified that he saw Franz Koffler, one… More ▸

  • American Military Court Finds 31 Buchenwald Camp Personnel Guilty of War Crimes

    Thirty-one camp guards and doctors at the ?torious Buchenwald death camp were today found guilty of a number of war crimes by ? American military court. The sentences will be announced Thursday. Among the defendants was Ilse Koch, widow of the camp’s commandant, who was larged with having lampshades made from the skins of her… More ▸

  • Germans Doomed by Stettin Court for Murder and Betrayal of Polish Jews

    Crestaw Stolarski, former block-leader in the Austalian death camp Ebensee, has been sentenced to death by hanging, it was announced (##)re. Similar sentences were imposed on Hans Schroder, leader of the labor camp at (##)ttin, Alphonse Pietrushevski, an official of the Mauthausen Camp and Antonina Koto(##)z, Bruno Ciepikowski and Karl Lehrke, who betrayed Jews to… More ▸

  • Former Theresienstadt Commander Escapes from American Prison Camp in Austria

    Anton Burger, former commander of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, has escaped from an American prison camp at Glasenbach, near Salzburg, it was reported here today. The trial of 31 camp guards and doctors at the Buchenwald camp has reopened before an American military court at Dachau. It was postponed on June 16 to permit defense… More ▸

  • Gestapo Officer Who Murdered 16 Jews Sentenced to Death by American Military Court

    Karl Schoepperle, a Gestapo officer convicted of having flogged 16 Jews to death and having murdered a number of other concentration camp prisoners, has been sentenced to death by an American military court here. Schoepperle was commandant of a section of the Mauthausen death camp known as “Linz Three.” Four other camp officials were also… More ▸

  • Mander of Jewish Concentration Camps in Slovakia Sentenced to 30 Years Imprisonment

    Imrich Vasina, a former commander of Jewish concentration camps in Bratislava and in Sered, Slovakia, was sentenced today to thirty ## imprisonment by the National Court in Bratislava. Thousands of Czechs and Jews from all parts of Czechoslovakia made a pilgrim## this week to Terezin, the fortress town which was converted by the Nazis into… More ▸

  • Czechoslovak Court Dooms Karl Rahm, Ex-commandant of Theresienstadt Ghetto

    Karl Rahm, ex-commander of the Theresienstadt ghetto, was today condemned to death by a Peoples Court in Litomerice. Rahm, who in the beginning maintained that the Gestapo was responsible for all activities within the ghetto, finally confessed to having participated in the planning, construction and use of poison gas chambers in which Jews and Czech… More ▸

  • Commandant Admits Guilt in Gassing of Jewish Czech Prisoners

    Karl Rahm, former commandant of the Theresienstadt camp, today admitted responsibility for the construction and use of gas chambers to ## Jews and Czech political prisoners during his trial on war crimes charges before a Peoples Court in Litmerice. At first Rabm denied having taken part in the ## of Jews, but charged his testimony… More ▸