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concentration camps

  • Czech Policemen Accused of Torturing, Robbing Jews Sentenced to Prison Terms

    At the conclusion of a long trial marked by a number of exciting incidents including the surprise defense testimony of several Jews, former Czech policemen J. Hosek and M. Drahnovsky were today sentenced to eight to ten years imprisonment on charges of having tortured, robbed, and denounced Jews at the Theresienstadt concentration camp. The testimony… More ▸

  • Nazi Police Head Who Directed Killing of Jews Says He Was Unaware of Atrocities

    Ernst Kaltenbrunner, chief of the German Security Police, under whose direction millions of Jews were murdered in Eastern Europe, told the International Military Tribunal today that he was unaware of the extermination of Jews for many months and, when he learned of them, he had protested to Hitler concerning the policy of Gestapo chief Heinrich… More ▸

  • Italian Police Chief Arrested for Showing Sympathy to Detained Jews at La Spezia

    The head of the political section of the Italian Police, who had been assigned to the Italian ship “Fede” on which 1,040 Jewish refugees are being detained, was removed from his post and arrested by the authorities because he manifested sympathy for the Jews, Jewish leaders told a correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today…. More ▸

  • Czech Government Abolishes All References to Race, Religion in Official Papers

    References to religious preference or racial origin Czechoslovak citizens will no longer be made on official forms of Government agencies in Bohemia and Moravia, Minister of the Interior Vaclav Nosek announced here today. In instructions to all administrative agencies and national committees, Nosek said: “Reference to racial origin or religious denomination in official communications ?… More ▸

  • Only Surviving Family in German Town Testifies at Trial of Pogrom Participants

    The only surviving Jews in the towns of Treuchtlingen and Weissenburg, Karl Gutman and his two sons, testified today at the trial of 58 Germans charged with attacking Jews and destroying Jewish property, including synagogues, during the pogroms which occurred in many German cities following the assassination of Nazi diplomat Ernst von Rath, in Nov…. More ▸

  • 900 Jewish Children Will Leave British Zone in Germany for Palestine in a Few Weeks

    More than 900 Jewish children from the British zone in Germany will be assembled at Bergen-Belsen within a few weeks for emigration to Palestine, according to a report received here today from Hamburg. One hundred and twenty children, who arrived in Hamburg from the Theresienstadt concentration camp last June, and, who have been living in… More ▸

  • 733 Visaless Refugees Landed from Captured Vessel; Govt. Deducts 1,000 Certificates

    The Turkish motor-ship “Asya,” which was renamed “Tel Hai,” was brought into Haifa harbor this morning by British naval craft. Its 733 Jewish refugee passengers were landed and transferred to detention camps. The vessel, which sailed from the south of France, about two weeks ago, was intercepted late yesterday after being spotted by an RAF… More ▸

  • U.S. Army Agrees to Return to Germany of Refugees Who Fled to Czechoslovakia

    Jewish refugees from Germany who desire to return to that country from Czechoslovakia will be permitted to do so, the UNRRA officer in charge of displaced persons announced here today, following a conference with American military authorities. The agreement with the U.S. Army, the announcement said, covers not only former German nationals, but foreigners and… More ▸

  • First Visa Applications for Displaced and German Jews Filed with U.S. Consulate

    The HIAS today began filling applications with the U.S. consulate here for visas for displaced Jews, available under President Truman’s directives. At the same time, it began issuing corporate affidavits, of which he will provide 4,500. The first affidavit was issued to Rabbi Leopold Neuhaus of Frankfurt, and his life. Both are survivors of Theresienstadt,… More ▸