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  • Movements should come together

    To the Editor: Re the Reform movement’s self-assessment: Reform and Conservative Judaism ultimately should band together. They should deal with the fact that an increasing number of Jews no longer believe in the words of the liturgy, which posit a supernatural God. The new emphasis should be both on revising the prayerbooks and promoting the… More ▸

  • Fomenting anti-Semitism in Canada

    To the Editor: I was present at the Feb. 8 meeting of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism. I have been present for all the meetings of the CPCCA since the hearings began. The Feb. 8 meeting was the final scheduled hearing. Ms. Neville is quite correct in her suggestion that the Conservative government… More ▸

  • Shabby treatment for Women of the Wall

    To the Editor: I am writing as a friend of Israel, but rather disappointed. Recent events in Israel, most notably those dealing with women at the Kotel, have dramatically highlighted the fact that in many ways, non-Orthodox streams of Jewish life have less freedom and are treated rather poorly in Israel, having fewer religious freedoms… More ▸

  • Steinhardt’s right on non-Orthodox day schools

    To the Editor: Mr. Steinhardt and the author of this article are speaking two different languages. Reform and Conservative Sunday schools do not leave students with a even a basic level of Jewish literacy. The Conservative day schools are way below par. How many 15-year-old Solomon Schechter students can study a page of Talmud or… More ▸