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  • Dr. Sommerstein’s Daughter Describes German Destruction of Lwow Jews

    The whole story of what happened to the Jews of Lwow was unfolded to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent here by Myra Sommerstein-Woliz, daughter of Dr. Emil Sommerstein, prominent Zionist and a member of the Polish Committee of National Liberation, and her husband, Dr. Marek Woliz. “Before the Germans came,” she began, “there were well… More ▸

  • JTA Correspondent Reports 1,000,000 Jews Exterminated at Majdanek; Finds 1000 Survivors

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent arriving hero today established that two-thirds of the more than 1,500,000 men, women and children annihilated by the Germans in the "death chambers" of the notorious Majdanek "extermination camp" near Lublin were Jews. The correspondent also found that about 1,000 Jews succeeded in miraculously escaping death and were the only… More ▸

  • Underground Eye-witnesses Confirm All Polish Ghettos Have Been Liquidated

    Two representatives of the Jewish underground in Poland who reached Palestine this week told today how last September they witnessed the liquidation of the Tarnow ghetto during which the Germans flung aged persons and children from high buildings to their death on the pavements below. Addressing a press conference, the Polish Jews confirmed that all… More ▸

  • German Press Confirms “liquidation” of Cracow Ghetto; All Cracow Jews Deported

    German newspapers reaching here today confirm the report that the German authorities in Cracow have “liquidated” the Jewish ghetto there and deported all the remaining Jews from the city. The papers describe how the barbed wire fences were removed from the ghetto area after the city became “judenrein” They announce that the houses in which… More ▸

  • Swiss Paper Reports 10,000 Italian Jews Arrested in Milan and Turin

    Reports reaching the newspaper La Suisse from the Swiss border town of Chiasso on the Italian frontier state that 10,000 Jews have been arrested by the Germans in the industrial centers of Milan, Genoa and Turin. The arrested Jews, the report says, have been sent to concentration camps. A report received here from Polish sources… More ▸

  • 15,000 Jewish Force Laborers Brought to Arsap After Liquidation of Ghetto

    Fifteen-thousand Jews were quartered in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto as of July 1, having been brought there from other parts of Poland for slave labor, after all the original residents were either murdered or deported at the conclusion of the battle in the ghetto in April, according to a report from the Polish… More ▸

  • Nazi Governor Announces All Jews Remaining in Poland Will Be Annihilated

    The German authorities in Poland have speeded up their program of annihilation of the remnants of Polish Jewry as a direct consequence of the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto, in which several hundred German soldiers were killed, it was learned here today. They have unleashed savage raids on the few remaining Jewish communities in Poland… More ▸

  • Nazis Start Executing Jews in Reprisal for Blasted Dams; Fierce Battle in Warsaw

    Mass-executions of Jews have taken place during the last three days in the ghettos of Cracow and Stanislawow, in Poland, “in reprisal for the destruction of the Ruhr dams,” the Polish clandestine radio station SWIT reported today. The broadcast also reported that a fierce house-to-house battle is still raging in the Warsaw ghetto and that,… More ▸