• Jewish Community in Croatian Town May Be Small, but Proud of Its History

    Little over a century ago, the Jewish community of Osijek was the largest in Croatia, bigger even than Zagreb’s. Now it can barely muster a minyan of 10 young people involved in the community. Still, that didn’t stop Osijek’s Jews from participating the annual European Day of Jewish Culture last weekend, for the second time… More ▸

  • Jewish Leader: New Croatian Law on Restitution Unlikely to Bear Fruit

    Croatia is considering legislation that would return property to Jews who used to live in the Balkan nation. But a leading Croatian Jewish official doubts that properties actually will be returned before their owners — many of them Holocaust survivors or their heirs — die. Even so, the very possibility that the property may be… More ▸

  • Critics Attack Croatian Official Who Urged Holocaust Education

    A Croatian education official has come under fire for suggesting that Holocaust education needs to be improved in the nation’s schools. The campaign against Natasha Jovicich, an assistant to the education minister, began after she returned from an international conference on Holocaust education in Sweden in late January. Jovicich, 38, showed the conference a videotape… More ▸

  • Croatian Jews Plan to Build Center on Site of Old Synagogue

    The Jewish community in Croatia’s capital is planning to build a cultural center on the site of a synagogue that was destroyed during World War II. Plans for the center include a sanctuary, a memorial to Holocaust victims, a Jewish museum, as well as commercial enterprises. The Jewish community is collecting information about potential investors… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World: Croatian Jews Hope Elections Will End Country’s Era of Isolation

    The Jewish community here is welcoming the results of Croatia’s parliamentary elections, hoping that the change of government will end their country’s isolation. The apparent victory of a center-left coalition in Monday’s elections marks the end of a highly nationalistic regime led by the late President Franjo Tudjman. The coalition, which includes the Social Democrats,… More ▸

  • Croatia to Revisit Wartime Past As Camp Commander Stands Trial

    Croatia’s determination to confront its fascist past will be tested this week, when the trial of a commander of the country’s largest World War II concentration camp begins. On Thursday, Dinko Sakic, a commander at Jasenovac — known as the “Auschwitz of the Balkans” — will be indicted on charges of mistreating, killing and ordering… More ▸

  • Pope Beatifies Controversial Wartime Croatian Archbishop

    Pope John Paul II has beatified a controversial cardinal revered by Croatians as an anti-Communist martyr but reviled by others as a fascist collaborator. The pope, on a two-day visit to Croatia, proclaimed Zagreb’s World War II archbishop Alojzije Stepinac a “blessed” of the Roman Catholic Church — the step before sainthood — before an… More ▸

  • Jewish Group Protests Plan to Beatify Croatian Archbishop

    Pope John Paul II is set to beatify a controversial archbishop from World War II despite a call by the Simon Wiesenthal Center to put off the ceremony pending an independent historical investigation into the Croatian cleric’s wartime record. The pope is planning to beatify Alojzije Stepinac on Saturday during a two-day visit to Croatia…. More ▸