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  • Bosnian Jewish Refugees Find New Homes in Croatia

    Within a few weeks, the last Bosnian Jewish refugees in Croatia will be resettled in permanent housing, according to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. “The relatively speaking `massive displacement’ of Jews from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia is now a chapter of the past,” said Yechiel Bar Chaim, the JDC country director for Croatia…. More ▸

  • Publication of ‘elders of Zion’ in Croatia Spurs Special Concern

    Publication of `Elders of Zion’ in Croatia spurs special concern. The publication in Croatia of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notorious anti-Semitic forgery, is particularly troubling to some because of that country’s role in the Holocaust. The surfacing of the “Protocols” anywhere is cause for concern, Abraham Foxman, national director of the… More ▸

  • Jewish Summer Camp Reopens in Croatia After 4-year Closure

    A Jewish summer camp at Pirovac, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, reopened with a three-day program of learning and fun after it was forced to close down four years ago because of the war in Bosnia. More than 60 young Jews from across Croatia gathered earlier this month for a special weekend program sponsored… More ▸

  • Ceremony in Croatia Recalls Jewish Victims from Bosnia

    As the possibility of peace arose once again in the former Yugoslavia, seven Jewish victims from war-torn Bosnia were memorialized with a ceremony and tombstone unveiling at the Jewish cemetery in the Croation coastal city of Split. After escaping from Bosnia, the seven refugees died while they were living in emergency refugee housing run by… More ▸

  • Haggadah Translated into Serbo-croatian

    A new translation of the Haggadah into Serbo-Croatian has been printed just in time for use this Passover by the beleaguered Jewish communities in all parts of the former Yugoslavia. The Haggadah was prepared by Eliezer Jajcanin, a rabbinical student in Israel who comes from the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. It was printed with funds… More ▸

  • Croatian-israeli Society Established

    Members of the Croatian-Jewish community, seeking to strengthen the cooperation between Croatia and Israel, have formed the Croatian-Israeli Society in Zagreb. Maja Freundlich, vice president of the group, said in a statement that the group’s “primary goal is to work toward greater cooperation between the State of Israel and the Republic of Croatia.” Although Israel… More ▸

  • Jews in Croatia Are Fearing Resurrection of Fascist Past

    Fearing a resurrection of the country’s fascist past, the Jewish community in Croatia has sent a letter to the country’s president urging him to affirm Croatia’s democratic traditions. In the two years since Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia and became an independent republic, President Franjo Tudjman has initiated steps designed to bolster his support among… More ▸

  • Holocaust Museum is Under Fire for Inviting Croatian President

    A storm of controversy has erupted over the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s decision to invite Croatian President Franjo Tudjman to take part in the museum’s dedication ceremonies Thursday. Tudjman, who has written a book questioning the extent of the Holocaust and who has publicly made anti-Semitic remarks, was one of more than a dozen heads… More ▸

  • Croatian Jew Urges Australians to Back Republic’s Independence

    A Croatian Jewish patriot trying to enlist Australian Jewry’s support of his country’s struggle for independence was hard pressed to convince Jewish leaders here recently that the breakaway republic bears no vestiges of its Nazi past. Mijahlo Montiljo, deputy foreign minister of the Croatian republic, tried to refute charges that the Croatian leadership is fascist… More ▸