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  • Jews in Croatia Are Fearing Resurrection of Fascist Past

    Fearing a resurrection of the country’s fascist past, the Jewish community in Croatia has sent a letter to the country’s president urging him to affirm Croatia’s democratic traditions. In the two years since Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia and became an independent republic, President Franjo Tudjman has initiated steps designed to bolster his support among… More ▸

  • Holocaust Museum is Under Fire for Inviting Croatian President

    A storm of controversy has erupted over the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s decision to invite Croatian President Franjo Tudjman to take part in the museum’s dedication ceremonies Thursday. Tudjman, who has written a book questioning the extent of the Holocaust and who has publicly made anti-Semitic remarks, was one of more than a dozen heads… More ▸

  • Croatian Jew Urges Australians to Back Republic’s Independence

    A Croatian Jewish patriot trying to enlist Australian Jewry’s support of his country’s struggle for independence was hard pressed to convince Jewish leaders here recently that the breakaway republic bears no vestiges of its Nazi past. Mijahlo Montiljo, deputy foreign minister of the Croatian republic, tried to refute charges that the Croatian leadership is fascist… More ▸

  • Jews of Croatian Town Report Damage to Jewish Sites There

    The Jewish community in the war-ravaged Croatian town of Osijek has appealed to Jews around the world to try to stop the “senseless war” that is destroying lives and property in their town and elsewhere in the breakaway Croatian republic. Osijek, which has a Jewish population of about 200, has been in the center of… More ▸

  • Jews of Croatia Split over Solidarity with Republic

    The Jewish community of Zagreb is deeply concerned about loss of life and property damage as fighting has again escalated following another short-lived cease fire, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned Wednesday. It also seems split over a declaration of solidarity with the Republic of Croatia. According to Srdjan Matic, executive vice president of the Jewish… More ▸

  • High Holidays in Croatia Perilous As Fighting Rages

    For the approximately 2,000 Jews in the beleaguered Yugoslav republic of Croatia, the High Holidays this year arrived amid fear and peril. In Zagreb, the separatist republic’s capital and home to most Croatian Jews, Yom Kippur services were to be held at the Jewish Old Age Home. There have been problems getting medications to the… More ▸

  • Croatian Leaders in Solidarity with Zagreb’s Jews After Bombing

    The leaders of Yugoslavia’s Croatian republic, including the president and Cabinet ministers, expressed sympathy and solidarity with the badly shaken Jewish community here this week. Officials of all ranks condemned the two bombings early Monday morning that severely damaged the Jewish community center building in the center of Zagreb and the Jewish section of the… More ▸

  • Jewish Center and Cemetery Bombed in Strife-torn Capital of Croatia

    Yugoslavia’s small Jewish community was in a state of high tension and under tight security after bombs exploded early Monday morning at the entrance to the Jewish community center and at the Jewish cemetery in Zagreb, capital of the Croatian republic, where strife has been rampant in recent weeks. There were no casualties but considerable… More ▸

  • Jews in Croatia Are Worried About Mounting Nationalism

    Jewish leaders in the Yugoslav republic of Croatia are worried that mounting Croatian nationalism may prompt a resurgence of anti-Semitism, similar to the anti-Semitism that has recently emerged elsewhere in Eastern Europe. “The mood is concerned, not fearful as a Slovakia or Hungary,” said Nenad Porges, president of the approximately 1,500 member Zagreb Jewish community…. More ▸

  • Croatian Weekly Censured

    The Australian Press Council has censured a Croatian weekly newspaper, Hrvatski Tjednik, for publishing an article that contains “wild and unsubstantiated” anti-Semitic statements. The Press Council, according to information made available here by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, acted on a complaint filed against the weekly by the Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai B’rith District… More ▸