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  • Seized Jewish Property to Be Rented to Croatian Civil Servants

    Jewish property seized by the Nazi puppet-government of Croatia will be rented for the coming year, it is reported by the Deutsche Zeitung Kroatien quoting an announcement by the Ministry for the Maintenance of Property Acquired by the State. The property will be leased to officials of the tax bureau, other civil servants, and farmers… More ▸

  • Germans Rent Synagogues for Clubs in Croatia Under 99-year Lease

    German newspapers reaching here today report that the authorities in Croatia have “leased the synagogues in the towns of Osijek and Zemun to local Germans “for a period of 99 years.” The synagogues are to be used for German labor clubs. The same papers report that the Rumanian authorities have confiscated the synagogue in the… More ▸

  • Croatian Jewish Leaders Taken to Concentration Camps in Germany

    Dr. E. Cohn, president of the Jewish community of Zagreb, capital of the Nazi puppet state of Croatia, who was recently deported to an unknown destination, is now in a concentration camp “somewhere in Germany” it was reported here today. Together with him are all the members of the Jewish Community Council of Zagreb whose… More ▸

  • Jews Leading Croat Guerrilla Band Harrassing Axis Forces; Mufti in Croatia

    The pro-Nazi Quisling press of Croatia, received here today, carries prominent appeals to the Croat population to aid in the capture of the Jewish leaders of a strong guerrilla band which is operating in the mountains and making life extremely uncomfortable for the occupation and collaborationist forces. The Jews are described as Moses Piade, Rueben… More ▸

  • Woman Jailed for Smuggling Jews out of Nazi-held Croatia

    A non-Jewish woman who was caught smuggling Jews from Croatia into Hungary was fined 4,000 pengoes and sentenced to three months imprisonment by the district court at Novi-Sad, it is reported in the Donau Zeitung, which the Nazis publish in Belgrade, the former Yugoslav capital. The prosecutor, who charged that the woman was a “professional… More ▸

  • Underground Activities in Croatia Directed from Jewish Cemetery, Nazis Claim

    A report that the chief of police in the town of Carazdin, Croatia, has discovered a secret Jewish organization directing anti-Nazi activities from the premises of the Jewish cemetery there is published in the Deutsche Zeitung, a daily newspaper issued by the Nazis in Zagreb, reaching here today. The Nazi report says that the Croatian… More ▸

  • Croatia Confiscates All Valuables of Jews; Appropriates Jewish Funds

    The nationalization of Jewish property in the Nazi puppet state of Croatia was ordered today by a decree of the Croatian government announced over the Zagreb radio. The decree provides that within one week from today all Jews in the country must surrender to the government all stocks, bonds, gold and silver articles, tapestries, art… More ▸

  • Nazi Puppet State of Croatia Makes Another City “judenrein”

    The town of Ruma, Croatia, is now “judenrein” following the expulsion of its last 156 Jewish inhabitants on July 27, the Zagreb radio reported today. The pro-Nazi puppet government of Croatia ordered the removal of the 156 Jews from Ruma to a concentration camp near Vincovic, the broadcast announced. More ▸