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  • Uruguayan Government Scores Anti-israel Stand of Havana Parley

    The denunciation of Israel at the Communist-sponsored Tri-Continental Solidarity Conference in Havana, last month, was strongly criticised today by the Government of Uruguay. The Uruguayan Government declared in a statement that it could not “let pass in silence the declaration against the Israeli State” adopted at the Havana conference. The conference called for severance of… More ▸

  • Moscow Reported Evading Anti-israel Resolution at Havana Parley

    The Moscow correspondent of Kol Haam, the Israeli Communist daily, reported today that Soviet sources had emphasized to him that the Soviet Union believes all conflicts between states should be solved by peaceful means, and that this included “the Israeli-Arab conflict.” Correspondent Mordecai Kaspi reported that the issue arose in connection with the Tri-Continental Solidarity… More ▸

  • Los Angeles Jewish Community Agencies Assisting Exodus from Cuba

    A sharp increase in activity among Los Angeles’ Jewish community social welfare agencies concerned with the resettlement of refugees in this area has been noted since announcement by the Cuban government of its open emigration policy, a survey of local services disclosed today. Numerous inquiries from persons here who have relatives and friends remaining in… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees from Cuba Arrive in Florida on 28-foot Boat

    Five Jewish refugees from Cuba, including an 82-year-old woman–the first Jews to arrive since Fidel Castro relaxed his regime’s exit ban two weeks ago–landed here today in a 28-foot boat. They braved the hazardous 90-mile voyage to join their children and other relatives in the United States. The refugees were immediately taken to the United… More ▸

  • Jewish Community in Cuba Reduced to 2, 383 Persons; 400 Left This Year

    The Jewish community in Cuba, numbering 10, 000 persons before the Castro regime, has now been reduced to 2, 383 persons, according to reports reaching here today from Havana. The data are based on the distribution this year of Passover products sent to Cuba by Jewish organizations in Canada. The report expressed the belief that… More ▸

  • 2,500 Jews Reported Still Living in Cuba; No Rabbi Left in Havana

    A Zionist youth group held a Purim celebration in the Jewish Community Center in Havana yesterday, according to a report from Havana to the New York Times. The report stated the Castro Government permits Cuban Jews to pursue cultural, religious and Zionist activities, having recently allowed three Cuban Zionists to attend a conference in Israel…. More ▸

  • Israeli Vessel Blacklisted by U.S. for Calling at a Port in Cuba

    The Maritime Administration of the U.S. Commerce Department today announced the blacklisting by the United States of the Israeli vessel, “Daniela,” because the ship called at a cuban port. The “Daniela.” listed as a small vessel of 908 tons, called at a Cuban port early this year. More ▸

  • 1, 152 Jewish Families Still Reside in Cuba; Jewish Community Functions

    Cuba’s decimated Jewish community now numbers slightly under 2, 800 souls–as compared with about 15, 000 Jews living there before the Castro revolution–a report received here today from Havana said. The exact number of Jews, according to the latest government census, was given as 1, 152 families, comprising 2, 785 persons. The small community is… More ▸

  • Canadian Jewish Congress Sends Matzch to Jews in Cuba

    A shipment of matzoth and Passover supplies were sent to Cuba by the Canadian Jewish Congress. The shipment comprised 12, 800 boxes of matzoth, 4, 000 boxes of matzoh meal, 2, 640 tins of canned meat, 1, 200 bottles of wine and 200 pounds of horseradish. The shipment will be received in Havana by the… More ▸

  • First Jewish Census Under Castro Shows 2,586 Jews in Cuba

    There are 1,022 Jewish families, totaling 2,586 persons, flow living in Cuba and identifying themselves with the Jewish community, it was reported here today on the basis of the first Jewish census taken by organized Jewry in this country since the present regime came to power. The census was taken on the basis of those… More ▸