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  • 1, 152 Jewish Families Still Reside in Cuba; Jewish Community Functions

    Cuba’s decimated Jewish community now numbers slightly under 2, 800 souls–as compared with about 15, 000 Jews living there before the Castro revolution–a report received here today from Havana said. The exact number of Jews, according to the latest government census, was given as 1, 152 families, comprising 2, 785 persons. The small community is… More ▸

  • Canadian Jewish Congress Sends Matzch to Jews in Cuba

    A shipment of matzoth and Passover supplies were sent to Cuba by the Canadian Jewish Congress. The shipment comprised 12, 800 boxes of matzoth, 4, 000 boxes of matzoh meal, 2, 640 tins of canned meat, 1, 200 bottles of wine and 200 pounds of horseradish. The shipment will be received in Havana by the… More ▸

  • First Jewish Census Under Castro Shows 2,586 Jews in Cuba

    There are 1,022 Jewish families, totaling 2,586 persons, flow living in Cuba and identifying themselves with the Jewish community, it was reported here today on the basis of the first Jewish census taken by organized Jewry in this country since the present regime came to power. The census was taken on the basis of those… More ▸

  • Jews in Cuba Reported in Need of a Rabbi and Hebrew Calendars

    Cuba’s Jews are sadly in need of Hebrew calendars, and would like to have a rabbi and a ritual slaughterer (schochet), according to a request received here today from Havana by Rabbi Abraham M. Hershberg, president of the Union of Rabbis of Central American and Caribbean Area. The letter, signed by Aaron Geitzholtz and Azriel… More ▸

  • 1,700 Jewish Refugees from Cuba Settled by N. Y. A. N. A. in New York

    Seventeen hundred Jewish refugees from Cuba were among the 5, 775 Jewish refugees resettled in New York City during 1962 by the New York Association for New Americans, the annual meeting of the agency’s board was told here tonight. NYANA receives its funds from the United Jewish Appeal. The report was made by J. Clarence… More ▸

  • 5,775 Jewish Refugees, Many from Cuba, Resettled in New York in 1962

    More Jewish refugees were settled in the New York area in 1962than at any time since the height of the Hungarian refugee problem in 1957 it was reported here today by J. Clarance Davies, Jr., president of the New York Association for New Americans. The agency, which obtains funds for its work from the United… More ▸

  • Jews Reported Among Prisoners of War Held by Castro in Cuba

    Some of the prisoners of war being held by Fidel Castro in Cuba, as a result of the anti-Castro invasion of the island which failed a year ago last April, are Jews who are the sons of parents who had fled from Hitler, James B. Donovan, the New York attorney trying to free the more… More ▸

  • Janner Asks Why Egypt’s Missiles Are Not Dismantled, Like Cuba’s

    Voicing concern over the threat to Israel of Egyptian rockets. Sir Barnett Janner, Laborite Member of Parliament and president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said today that it was “remarkable” that vigorous protests are forcing the dismantling of Soviet rockets in Cuba as a threat to the United States, while no voices… More ▸

  • U.S. Envoy, Kennedy Aide Discuss U.S. Ussr-cuba Issue with Israel

    Walworth Barbour, United States Ambassador to Israel, and Myer Feldman, White House aide to President Kennedy, conferred here this weekend with Israel’s topmost officials on various problems, including the Cuban crisis and the Arab refugees, Government spokesmen announced here today. Mr. Barbour spent 20 minutes in a talk with Mrs. Golda Meir, Israel’s Foreign Minister,… More ▸

  • Arabs Hit U.s.a., Kennedy for Israeli Missiles; Back USSR and Cuba

    The Arab states, either through their official governmental press and radio organs or through even more formal statements by leaders of their Governments, were seen here today as continuing to link the United States decision to furnish missiles to Israel with support of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, denunciation of the U.S.A., and the voicing of support… More ▸