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  • Jewish Community in Cuba Asks Organizational Aid from Canadian Jewry

    The Canadian Jewish Congress has been invited by the Jewish Community of Cuba to send a representative there to discuss community organizational and structural problems, it was announced here by Monroe Abbey, chairman of the Congress executive committee. Mr. Abbey stated that the Congress has responded favorably to the invitation and that Dr. Joseph Kage… More ▸

  • United Hias to Cooperate in Aiding Refugees from Cuba in United States

    The full cooperation of United Hias Service in implementing the program adopted at a three-day national conference in Miami on resettlement of Cuban refugees was pledged today by James P. Rice, Hias executive director, following his return from the conference. The parley in Miami, which was called to discuss plans for emergency aid to Cuban… More ▸

  • Israel’s First Resident Minister to Cuba Presents Credentials

    Jonathan Prato, Israel’s first resident Minister to the Republic of Cuba, today presented his letters of credence to President Oswald Dortigos. After the ceremonies in the President’s office, Mr. Prato laid a wreath at the base of the monument to Cuba’s national hero, Jose Marti. In addition to Government officials who participated in the ritual… More ▸

  • Israel Diplomat Arrives in Cuba for Post in Havana; Served in U.s

    Shamai Cahana, Israel’s new Charge d’Affaires in Cuba, arrived here to take up his post. Mr. Cahana, who was First Secretary at the Israel Embassy in Lima, Peru, succeeds Joel Barromi, who has been named Counsellor at the Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires. Mr. Cahana was welcomed on his arrival by Foreign Ministry officials and… More ▸

  • Jewish Merchants in Cuba Need No Longer Fear Blackmail, Castro Says

    Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba gave specific assurances, in a recent 90-minute interview with a Milwaukee attorney, that discrimination against any religious or minority groups including Cuban Jews, would not be tolerated by his regime, it was reported here today. The assurances were given by the Cuban leader to N. Paley Phillips, former president of… More ▸

  • President of Cuba Greets Jewish Press; Castro Condemns Religious Bias

    Dr. Manuel Urrutia Lleo. President of Cuba, today greeted the Jewish press here througha.personal note to the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency extending “cordial” wishes to the Jewish publications. Dr. Fidel Castro, leader of the revolution in Cuba, told a press conference here that he condemns racial and religious discrimination. “Our revolution would not… More ▸

  • Jew Named Cabinet Member in Havana; First Time in History of Cuba

    For the first time in the history of Cuba a Jew has been named a member of the Cabinet, it was revealed here today. He is Enrique Oltuski, son of immigrant parents from Poland who settled in Santa Clara where they still have a shoe factory. An engineer and graduate of the University of Miami,… More ▸

  • Israel Recognizes Castro Regime in Cuba; Sends Formal Communication

    Israel today extended formal recognition to the new regime in Cuba. Mrs. Golda Meir, Israel’s Foreign Minister, in a cable to the new Cuban Foreign Ministry, said Israel wished to continue relations and sincere friendship and mutual understanding with Cuba. Mrs.Meir today entered Beilison Hospital for what was described as a routine three-day check-up. Prior… More ▸

  • Jewish Organizations in Cuba Express Confidence in New Regime; Send Greetings to Castro

    Jewish organizations today sent greetings to the Castro Government, expressing complete confidence in the new regime. Jewish communal life is completely restored. Activities at the “patronato,” Havana’s Jewish Center, and in all other Jewish institutions have reverted to normalcy. The “Patronato” conducts Jewish cultural, social and religious activities. It also houses an Orthodox synagogue. Jewish… More ▸

  • 125 Jewish Enterprises Looted in Havana Riots; No Anti-semitism Noted

    Between 125 and 150 Jewish-owned shops and stores in Havana have been looted and sacked by the mob in the rioting in the Cuban capital that has followed the collapse of the Batista regime, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today. Most of these establishments were in the Prado section of the city where roving mobs… More ▸