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  • Soviet Missile Build-up in Cuba Motivated U.S. Sale of Hawks to Israel

    The Soviet missile build-up in Cuba may not be entirely dissociated from other world trouble spots and developments, including the introduction of missiles in the Arab-Israel cold war, members of Congress were told here this weekend at a top-level briefing. The American decision to provide defensive, Hawk ground-to-air missiles to Israel was cited as motivated… More ▸

  • Arab Press, Radio Link U.S. Grant of Missiles to Israel with Cuba Issue

    Elements of the Arab press and radio, citing the supply of Hawk missiles by the United States to Israel, are attacking the American quarantine of Cuba, it was established here today. The Damascus, Syria, newspaper, “Sawt al-Arab, ” said: The White House decision to provide this imperialist prop (Israel) with up-to-date supersonic missiles, and to… More ▸

  • Israel Envoy Briefed by Rusk on Cuba Crisis, Reports to Government

    Israel Ambassador Avraham Harman was among foreign diplomats summoned to the State Department last night by Secretary of State Dean Rusk for an emergency briefing on United States moves in connection with the Cuban blockade crisis. Mr. Harman, it is believed, has conveyed to the Israel Government his evaluation of developments, at least partially based… More ▸

  • 2,500 Jewish Refugees from Cuba Registered in Miami 10 Months

    About 2,500 Cuban Jewish refugees were registered by United HIAS representatives in Miami in the 10 months ending May, 1962, and seven to 15 Jews continue to come from Cuba to Miami weekly, the 64th annual meeting of the National Conference of Jewish Communal Service was informed here today. Of the total, according to the… More ▸

  • Israel Denies Concealing Deal to Export Eggs to Castro Cuba

    The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed here today that Israel had negotiated an agreement with the Cuban Government, providing for the export of eggs by this country to Cuba. The spokesman denied, however, that the agreement had ever been kept secret, or that anyone had ever complained about it. Foreign press reports, emanating from here last… More ▸

  • Jewish Minister of Commerce in Cuba Removed by Castro from Post

    Maximo Bergman, Minister for Internal Commerce in the Cuban Government under Fidel Castro, has been removed from his post, according to information from Havana reaching here today. Mr. Bergman, a graduate of a Jewish school in Havana, has held the Ministerial post for the last year. The Havana dispatch reported he has been demoted to… More ▸

  • Jews in Mexico Send Matzoh to Jewish Community in Cuba; Castro Approves

    A large consignment of matzoh, wine and other Pass-over products has been shipped to the Jewish community of Cuba by the Nidche Israel Congregation here, it was announced today. The governments of both countries granted the necessary permits for the shipment, which was exempt from all customs duties. More ▸

  • United Hias Director Testifies at Senate Body on Refugees from Cuba

    Some 2,000 Cuban Jewish refugees in the United States have been aided by the United Hias Service during the past year, a Senate subcommittee was told today. James P. Rice, United Hias executive director, in a statement made at a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Refugees and Escapees, said that as a result of… More ▸

  • Jewish Community in Cuba Asks Organizational Aid from Canadian Jewry

    The Canadian Jewish Congress has been invited by the Jewish Community of Cuba to send a representative there to discuss community organizational and structural problems, it was announced here by Monroe Abbey, chairman of the Congress executive committee. Mr. Abbey stated that the Congress has responded favorably to the invitation and that Dr. Joseph Kage… More ▸

  • United Hias to Cooperate in Aiding Refugees from Cuba in United States

    The full cooperation of United Hias Service in implementing the program adopted at a three-day national conference in Miami on resettlement of Cuban refugees was pledged today by James P. Rice, Hias executive director, following his return from the conference. The parley in Miami, which was called to discuss plans for emergency aid to Cuban… More ▸