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  • Wj Congress Leader Says Cuba’s Jews Struggling to Maintain Jewish Life

    Cuba’s dwindling Jewish community is carrying on a valiant struggle to maintain Jewish life without the assistance of any rabbis, cantors or professional teachers. Unless adequate aid can be provided, members of the American Section of the World Jewish Congress were told by Lavy Becker of Montreal, this community “born in 1906, right after the… More ▸

  • In Cuba’s Press the X in Nixon Replaced with Swastika

    In Castro’s Cuba, President Nixon is a Nazi; at least that is how the controlled Cuban press seeks to identify him to the masses, reports CBS Radio Network news correspondent Mike Wallace who just returned from an assignment in Cuba. In all Cuban newspapers, the X in the name Nixon is replaced by a swastika,… More ▸

  • Foreign Ministry Probes Report That El Fatah Members Are Trained in Cuba

    The Foreign Ministry announced today that Gabriel Doron, Israel’s Minister in Havana, has been instructed to look into a report that El Fatah members were being trained by Cuban army officers on Cuban soil. The report appeared yesterday in the newspaper Yediot Achronot. Cuban diplomats here could neither confirm nor deny it and said they… More ▸

  • Envoy Hedges on Report El Fatah Guerrillas Are Being Trained in Cuba

    Cuba’s Minister to Israel could neither confirm nor deny a report in a local newspaper today that El Fatah guerrillas were receiving advanced training in sabotage and commando tactics in his country. The report appeared in Yediot Achronot whose military correspondent attributed his information to “reliable sources in the United States.” According to the account,… More ▸

  • Canadian Jews to Send Passover Supplies to Cuba’s Dwindling Jewish Colony

    The Canadian Jewish Congress reported today it had approved a request from the Hebrew Religious Community of Cuba for the same quantity of kosher Passover foods as was requested last year. The CJC treasurer was authorized to buy the Passover products and to ship them to the Cuban Jewish community. The Cuban Jews reported, in… More ▸

  • Canadian Jewish Congress Arranging to Send Matzoh to Jews in Cuba

    The Canadian Jewish Congress, which usually sends special Passover supplies to the Jews in Cuba, is arranging shipments of that kind again this year, it was announced here today by the CJC. Included in the shipments, the CJC said, will be, in addition to matzoh and matzoh products, wine, canned kosher meat, tea, oil and… More ▸

  • Israel Chess Team Retains Lead at Chess Olympics in Havana

    The Israel chess team retained its lead in Group III of the 17th Chess Olympics in Havana last night after playing to a 1-1/2 – 1-1/2 draw with the United States team in the fourth round of the Olympics preliminaries, it was reported here today from Havana, Israel now has 9-1/2 points to 8-1/2 for… More ▸

  • Castro Newspaper in Cuba Greets Israel As a ‘friendly Government’

    El Mundo, a newspaper published in Havana, devoted an article in yesterday’s issue to the 18th anniversary of the founding of Israel, lauding the Jewish State’s accomplishments in agriculture, education and industry. The newspaper expressed the “sincere wishes of the Cuban people for the happiness and prosperity of the industrious Israeli people and its friendly… More ▸

  • Anti-israel Resolution of Havana Parley Condemned in Chilean Senate

    An Arab-sponsored anti-Israel resolution adopted recently at the Tricontinental Conference at Havana was condemned in sharpest terms here in a Senate debate today. Sen. Renan Fuentealba, of the Government’s party, the Democrat-Christians, called the Havana resolution anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist. He said it was also anti-Semitic as well. “It could lead to new persecutions against all… More ▸

  • European Jewish Body Undertakes Relief Program for Jews in Cuba

    The Standing Conference of European Jewish Community Services announced today it had undertaken a cash relief program to aid more than 300 aged and destitute Jews in Cuba. Dr. Astorre Mayer, chairman, said that contributions totaling $85, 000 had been received to date for the program, mainly from Conference member agencies. Funds are being sought… More ▸