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  • Snapshots of Sephardic culture

    A guide to some of the dozens of ways to enjoy modern Sephardic culture, art that draws upon traditions from regions such as Spain, Portugal, the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East, Italy, Rome and Greece. More ▸

  • Oy, my aching feet

    I wonder if the London Review of Books knew how timely its review of a new book, Jews and Shoes, would be – coming out during Rosh Hashanah, when we spend hours on our feet at shul, and before Yom Kippur, when we barely get to sit at all. The review of the book, a… More ▸

  • Take that, New York Jew!

    Here’s an article you’re unlikely to find in the JTA. New York magazine’s 40th anniversary edition has published an elegy for the New York Jew that should provide more than enough fodder for some lively Rosh Hashanah dinner table conversations. Writer David Samuels is both proud and chagrined by the rise and fall of the… More ▸

  • High Holy Dazed

    The Jewish Channel is producing a VH1-style series about the High Holidays. You know the drill – a bunch of media types whose names you sort of recognize talk smack about something. Yeah, I don’t watch them either. Anyway, there are a coupla clips on their site. I’ve watched them all (yes, my job rules)… More ▸

  • Philip Roth goes back to school

    The first wave of reviews of Philip Roth’s newest novel, “Indignation,” are out this week. The book – which tells the story of the son of a New Jersey kosher butcher who flees to a Midwestern college to escape his neurotic father – clearly covers some well-worn Rothian territory. But the reviews are largely deferential,… More ▸