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  • Czech Resistance Group Tosses out Survivor for His Work with Germans

    He survived Auschwitz, communism and dismissal from his post as chairman of the Czech Association of Liberated Political Prisoners. Now Oldrich Stransky, 84, has been stripped of his membership in the Czech Association of Freedom Fighters, the umbrella group in the Czech Republic for all those who fought against fascism or were persecuted by the… More ▸

  • Calling Czech Police Ineffective, Christian Group Warns of Neo-nazis

    The Czech chapter of a Christian pro-Zionist organization has criticized what it sees as the ineffectiveness of the Czech police against the growing number of neo-Nazi gatherings in the Czech Republic. The Czech chapter of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sent a letter to the country’s Interior Ministry on April 21, writing that there have… More ▸

  • Ritual Bath Found in a Czech Town That is Known for Its Jewish Sites

    The discovery of an ancient mikvah in the Czech Republic has further enhanced the reputation of the town of Mikulov as a treasure trove of Jewish culture. Petr Kubin, an archeologist with the Regional Museum of Mikulov, recently unearthed the ritual bath site as he conducted routine excavations in the town’s one-time Jewish ghetto before… More ▸

  • Town in Czech Republic Home to Proud, Historic Jewish Past

    Expelled from Vienna and Lower Austria in 1421 by a duke’s decree, Jews seeking to stay along the commercial route between Vienna and Brno found refuge in Mikulov, the closest town right across the border. The expulsion of Jews from the Moravian royal cities of Brno and Znojmo set off a further wave of emigration… More ▸

  • Jews in Czech Republic Object to Ad’s Anti-semitic Stereotypes

    A comic dressed like an Orthodox Jew tries to get a deep discount on a chain saw, outwitting a cartoon mascot. The scene is in a commercial from a well-known Czech gardening-equipment company, which is running on all four of the Czech Republic’s television networks. The similarity between the Jew impersonated in the commercial and… More ▸