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  • Witnesses Testify at Dachau Trial on Flogging of Jews

    Grim details of the daily flogging routine at the Dachau concentration camp, and of living prisoners being included in cargoes of dead, destined for the crematorium, were unfolded during the week-end at the hearing of charges against forty persons concerned with running the camp. Alphonse Pelles, a native of Luxembourg, told the court he saw… More ▸

  • Trial of Nazi War Criminals Opens at Dachau; Forty Charged with Murder and Torture

    The trial of forty Germans charged with torturing and exterminating Jews and others in the notorious Dachau concentration camp opened here today. The defendants are accused of killing people in gas chambers and of subjecting others to “medical experiments,” to contagious disesses malarial injections and blood poisoning. At the outset two motions entered by the… More ▸

  • Soviet Red Cross Welcomes Inquiries from Abroad Concerning Missing Relatives in USSR

    The Soviet Red Cross has set up a central information bureau to assist persons trying to locate relatives and friends in Russian territory, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee announced today. Although designed primarily to assist Soviet citizens to find their family and friends deported by the Germans, the bureau will answer inquiries from nationals of all… More ▸

  • President Truman Gets Report on 100,000 “displaced” Jews Now in Camps in Germany

    Earl G. Harrison, United States representative on the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees, who recently returned from a six-weeks Presidential mission to Europe to inquire into the condition and needs of stateless and non-repatriable persons, including 100,000 Jews of all nationalities in Germany, presented a detailed report to President Truman today, recommending concrete improvements in their… More ▸

  • Last of Buchenwald Children Leave France for Palestine; Aided by American Groups

    The last of the 92 Jewish children from Buchenwald who caused a minor incident here several months ago when French authorities removed them from the jurisdiction of Jewish groups and placed them in the custody of a non-Jewish organization, left here today for Marseille en route to Palestine. They are part of a larger contingent… More ▸

  • Repatriated Jews Fiee from Poland Back to Camps; Cannot Stand Anti-jewish Terror

    Polish Jews liberated from the German concentration camps in Oswiecim and Dachau and repatriated to their home town in Poland arrived here stating that they prafer to be in the Feldafing camp which is under American military supervision rather than remain in Poland where a wave of anti-Jewish terror is raging. More than a dozen… More ▸

  • All Jews Reported from Italy Were Executed, International Committee Reports

    The face of several thousand Italian Jews who were reported by the Germans from Italy in 1945 has now been established by a representative of the Intergovernmental Committee for Refugees who toured the camps in Germany and Austria where Jews and others are being held for repotriation to their native lands. All the Jews, brought… More ▸