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  • 4,500 Jews from Dachau Liberated by U.S. Advance Elements As Nazi Guards Flee

    Four thousand Jewish men and 500 women are among 15,000 former inmates of the dread Dechau concentration camp who were liberated here by the U. S. 36th Infantry Division. For five days-they had marched without any food, or travelled in jammed “death trains.” Hundreds of Jews and non-Jews died along the road or in the… More ▸

  • Parliamentarian Attacks German Refugees in Britain As Parasites and Dangerous Element

    A violent attack on German refugees residing in Britain was voiced in the House of Lords today by Lord Ailwyn who charged that there are 40,000 “Germans” in England occupying thousands of homes. He complained of “a sinister infiltration” of these people in the British Broadoasting Corporation, the press, universities and factories, adding that after… More ▸

  • Jewish Women, Liberated from German Camp, Return to Their Homes in Vilna

    The Government of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic today appointed a commission to receive several hundred Jewish women liberated by the Russian Army from the concentration camp which the German established in Torun, Poland, for deported Jewish women. The commission is also to provide the liberated women with clothing, shoes and other necessities. Several hundred of… More ▸

  • Swiss Consuls Announce They Are Unable to Protect Swiss Jews in France

    Swiss citizens returning from France to Switzerland today stated that the Swiss Consulates in Vichy and in Paris declared that they are no longer able to protect Swiss Jews residing in France, since the German authorities there have announced that they consider them “Jews” rather than Swiss nationals. The Swiss newspaper Le People today reports… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Find Refuge in Hungary; Ukrainians Direct Massacres of Jews in Galicia

    Jews from German-occupied Poland are escaping into Hungary where they are interned in special camps, it was authoritatively reported here today. The Hungarian border authorities have apparently received instructions not to turn back any Jew who may be caught crossing the frontier, the report said. The report discloses that many Jews in Poland are joining… More ▸

  • Dr. Robert Sonnenmark, Czech Jewish Leader, Dies in Dachau Concentration Camp

    Dr. Robert Sonnenmark, prominent Czech Jewish leader, has died in the notorious Dachau concentration camp in Germany, where he had been interned since 1939, according to information reaching Czechoslovakian circles here today. Dr. Sonnenmark was a member of the executive committee of the Zionist Federation of Czechoslovakia and was a leader of the Jewish party… More ▸

  • Friedmann, Stricker, Two Vienna Jewish Leaders, Sent to Therezin Fortress

    Information reaching here today from the fortress town of Therezin in the Czech Protectorate, where tens of thousands of Czech Jews are being held isolated from the rest of the world, reports that Dr. Desider Friedmann, former president of the Vienna Jewish Community, has been transferred by the Nazi authorities to Therezin where he is… More ▸