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  • Danes Play Host to American Founders of the Denmark School in Jerusalem

    The Danish capital played host today to eight American founders of the Denmark High School in Jerusalem. They arrived here to pay tribute to the Royal Family and the Danish people on the 25th anniversary of the rescue of nearly all of Denmark’s 8,000 Jewish citizens from deportation by the Nazis. The group of donors… More ▸

  • Canadian Jews in Tribute to Denmark, Sweden on Anniversary of Rescue Effort

    Ambassador Boegh Andersen, Danish Ambassador to Canada, told a meeting here to pay tribute to Denmark and Sweden on the 25th anniversary of the rescue of the Danish Jewish population from the Nazis, that the events of October 1943 did not merit any special commendation since the Danes did the only normal and natural thing… More ▸

  • King Frederik Ix, Queen Ingrid Attend Commemoration in Copenhagen

    King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark attended services at the Copenhagen Synagogue yesterday commemorating the 25th anniversary of the escape of nearly all the 8,000 Jews of Denmark to Sweden under the eyes of the German Army, the New York Times reported from Copenhagen. The services were conducted by Chief Rabbi Marcus Melchoir… More ▸

  • Jews Will Honor Denmark and Sweden on Anniversary of Rescue from Nazis

    American Jewry will honor Denmark and Sweden next October in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the rescue of Danish Jews from the Nazis. The Jews, whom the Gestapo had marked for deportation, were transported from occupied Denmark to Sweden in small boats under cover of darkness, in October, 1943, an operation in which many… More ▸

  • Forest Dedicated in Honor of Nils Bohr, Famed Danish Physicist

    A 10,000 tree forest, donated by citizens of Denmark in memory of the late Dr. Niels Bohr, world famous nuclear physicist, was dedicated yesterday near Kibbutz Palmachim. The ceremonies were attended by Dr. Bohr’s widow, by the Danish Ambassador and by Yakov Tzur, chairman of the Jewish National Fund. More ▸

  • Danish Prime Minister Warns Middle East Solution Will Not Be ‘easy’

    Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag of Denmark said in an address before the National Press Club yesterday that an Arab-Israeli solution was “not easy” and that he would not be surprised if it took some time. He termed the problem “very, very complicated.” He said that “perhaps, it has to be solved by direct negotiations”… More ▸

  • Danish Public Rallies in Support of Israel

    The Danes swung into action today with rallies demanding aid to Israel, a fund-raising campaign headed by former Premier Vigo Kampman and denunciations of Egypt and the Soviet Union. The fund campaign was reported to have collected a substantial sum but exact figures were not given. Leaders of all political parties addressed the rallies. A… More ▸

  • Danish Boat on Which Jews Were Smuggled Presented As Gift to Israel

    A small Danish boat which was used by the Danish underground to smuggle Jews from Denmark to Sweden during the Nazi occupation was brought to Israel today as a gift to the Haifa Maritime Museum. The "Astrid," a gift of Lawrence Schacht, Jewish philanthropist of New York arrived on the Israeli vessel Liroa. There is… More ▸

  • Hitler’s ‘mein Kampf’ Printed in Copenhagen in Danish Translation

    Five thousand copies of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” in a Danish translation, have been printed in Denmark and are reportedly now being distributed in that country, the West German Foreign Ministry said here today. Bonn’s Ambassador to Copenhagen had tried and failed to persuade the Danish authorities to halt distribution of the Hitler book, on… More ▸