• Danish Royalty to Help Celebrate Anniversary of Decree on Jewish Rights

    King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark will attend special services tomorrow, at the synagogue in Krystalgade, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the royal decree on March 29, 1814, which granted full civic rights and duties of Danish citizenship to the country’s Jewish population, it was announced here today. The 1814 decree, which remained… More ▸

  • Warsaw Ghetto Survivors in New York Honor Denmark for Saving Jews

    Prominent diplomats, led by the Danish Ambassador, Count K.G. Knuth-Winter felt and Countess Knuth-Winterfeldt, were among the honored guests here when the Warsaw Resistance Organization staged a Salute to Denmark ball at the New York Hilton last night. Proceeds from the event, according to Jonas Turkow, president of the organization, will go toward the erection… More ▸

  • Danish Firms Ignore Arab Questionnaire on Business with Israel

    The Danish-Industrial Council reported today that Egypt had sought to prevent Danish firms from doing business with Israel. The Council said that Danish firms had received Egyptian questionnaires asking whether the firms had subsidiaries in Israel, whether they had authorized Israeli firms to make their products and whether any of their board members were on… More ▸

  • Hadassah Honors Denmark for Rescuing Jews from Nazi Invaders

    The United Nations pledge to advance “human rights and fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, language or religion” should not be taken lightly by anyone, Aage Hessellund-Jensen, Danish Ambassador to the United Nations, today told more than 1,000 leaders and members of Hadassah. The Ambassador spoke at a luncheon at which Hadassah… More ▸

  • Moving Tributes Paid to Denmark for Saving Jews from Nazi Hands

    Moving tributes to the Government and people of Denmark were paid here last night at a mass meeting commemorating the 20th anniversary of the rescue of the Jews of Denmark from the Nazis. Speakers included Deputy Premier Abba Eban, Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency Executive and Professor Arieh Tartakower of the World Jewish… More ▸

  • Denmark’s Heroic Rescue of Jews from Nazis Celebrated in Israel

    Thousands of Israelis, including almost every Jewish immigrant from Denmark, attended the gala performance of the Copenhagen Male Choir at the Mann Auditorium here tonight. The concert was given in honor of a Danish delegation which arrived to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Denmark’s heroic rescue of Danish Jewry during the Nazi occupation. The delegation… More ▸

  • Toronto Synagogue Honors Danish Nation for Aiding Jews Under Nazis

    The annual Beth Sholom Brotherhood Award, bestowed each year here by Beth Sholom Synagogue, was presented tonight to the Danish nation and people “for their attitude of solidarity and practical sympathy with their Jewish fellow citizens under Nasi rule.” Danish Ambassador John Knox came here from Ottawa to receive the award. In the past, the… More ▸

  • Danish Hospital Given $10, 000 Chicago Grant for Aiding Wartime Jews

    A group of doctors at Michael Reese Hospital here, a Jewish institution, have raised $10, 000 to finance a fellowship for a young doctor at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, in appreciation of that institution’s role in the rescue of about 7, 000 Danish Jews who escaped to Sweden during the Nazi occupation of the… More ▸

  • Jewish Community of Denmark Mourns Death of Professor Niels Bohr

    The Jewish community of Denmark mourned today the death of Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr whose mother was a member of the distinguished Jewish Adler family. Dr. Bohr, who was considered the world’s leading physicist, died at his home here yesterday at the age of 77. Jewish leaders recalled that when Hitler decided to terminate… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Says His Migration Advice to Danish Jews Was Personal

    Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, replying to strong Danish Jewish protests against his appeal to Scandinavian Jewish youth to migrate to Israel, said today at a press conference that he had simply expressed “my personal views.” He made the comment when he was questioned about the widely publicized rebuke from Chief Rabbi Phil Marcus Melchior for… More ▸