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  • Warning That PLO Will Sabotage Women’s Conclave in Copenhagen

    Leona Chanin, the outgoing president of the American Jewish Congress’ National Women’s Division, warned here that the World Conference of the United Nations Decode for Women in Copenhagen this July will result in “virulent anti-Israel declarations, sabotaging progress in meeting women’s needs.” Mrs. Chanin told 300 delegates to the Division’s national convention that the preparatory… More ▸

  • Danes Honored for Their Rescue of 7000 Danish Jews in 1943

    The Danish people were honored for their rescue in 1943 of 7000 Danish Jews at ceremonies Friday here and in New York. The ceremony here was in conjunction with the visit of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle presented the Queen with an illuminated scroll during a luncheon in her… More ▸

  • Sweden, Norway, Denmark Opposed to Israel’s Expulsion from UN

    The Swedish and Norwegian governments have decided to vote against any attempt to exclude Israel from the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly. The Norwegian Foreign Minister, Knut Fry-denlund, in an interview with the Norwegian Journal of Commerce and Shipping, said that his government has already decided to oppose such a move. He added that even… More ▸

  • Palestinians Meet in Denmark

    A secret conference of Palestinian organizations was held last week in the small town of Gilelie, north of Copenhagen. Seventy delegates from Britain, West Germany, Holland and Belgium and other countries attended the conference, whose secret was kept even from the Danish police. A leader of the Danish Community for Palestine, Eskild Holland Olsen, reported… More ▸

  • Danish Minister Says Mideast Conflict is Not the Cause of the World Crisis

    The Mideast conflict is not the underlying cause of the present world economic crisis, Danish Foreign Minister Ove Guldberg declared here today. Guldberg, on a four-day visit to Israel, met reporters at the King David Hotel having concluded talks with Foreign Minister Yigal Allon and a session with Premier Yitzhak Rabin. He said that even… More ▸

  • Defeat of Danish Premier. Party May Weaken Denmark’s Pro-israel Policy

    The defeat of Premier Anker Joergensen and his Social Democratic Party in the national elections may weaken Denmark’s long-time pro-Israel policies in the Middle East, observers here said today. Joergensen personally was staunchly pro-Israel. In addition. the appearance of six Communist deputies in the Danish Parliament after an absence of 17 years could bode ill… More ▸

  • Denmark Willing to Accept Trepper

    Foreign Minister Knut B. Andersen said here that a Danish visa is awaiting Leopold Trepper at the Danish Embassy in Warsaw should Polish authorities grant the former Soviet master spy permission to leave Poland. Andersen said that Denmark regards the Trepper case as a matter of “human rights.” “The Danish government has much sympathy for… More ▸

  • Jewish-arab-catholic-druze Peace Delegation in Denmark to Discuss Mideast Conflict

    An eight-member peace delegation consisting of three Jews, three Arabs, a Druze, and a Catholic nun arrived here Thursday to discuss the Mideast conflict with Scandinavian political leaders. On hand to meet the delegation were the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and representatives of the Social-Democratic Party. One of the Israeli delegation members, Kalmon Jaron of… More ▸

  • Assimilation Rife in Denmark

    Assimilation is rife among Denmark’s small Jewish community out of which less than 5 percent is Orthodox and three out of four marriages are mixed. A Jewish Agency report made public today reveals that 52 percent of Denmark’s Jews celebrate Christian holidays instead of Jewish ones and that 53 percent of the community believes that… More ▸