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  • Denmark Willing to Accept Trepper

    Foreign Minister Knut B. Andersen said here that a Danish visa is awaiting Leopold Trepper at the Danish Embassy in Warsaw should Polish authorities grant the former Soviet master spy permission to leave Poland. Andersen said that Denmark regards the Trepper case as a matter of “human rights.” “The Danish government has much sympathy for… More ▸

  • Jewish-arab-catholic-druze Peace Delegation in Denmark to Discuss Mideast Conflict

    An eight-member peace delegation consisting of three Jews, three Arabs, a Druze, and a Catholic nun arrived here Thursday to discuss the Mideast conflict with Scandinavian political leaders. On hand to meet the delegation were the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and representatives of the Social-Democratic Party. One of the Israeli delegation members, Kalmon Jaron of… More ▸

  • Assimilation Rife in Denmark

    Assimilation is rife among Denmark’s small Jewish community out of which less than 5 percent is Orthodox and three out of four marriages are mixed. A Jewish Agency report made public today reveals that 52 percent of Denmark’s Jews celebrate Christian holidays instead of Jewish ones and that 53 percent of the community believes that… More ▸

  • Denmark’s Chief Rabbi Resigns

    Denmark’s Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior resigned today amid a controversy that threatens to split this country’s small but closely knit Jewish community. The 43-year-old rabbi, immensely popular with Jews and non-Jews alike, submitted his resignation after a conflict with Prof. Isi Foigl, chairman of the Jewish community. Prof. Foigl objected to Rabbi Melchior’s recent public… More ▸

  • Jews, Lutherans, to Honor Danish King

    Jews and Lutherans in the nation’s capital have joined in establishing the King Christian X Annual Memorial Lecture on Christian-Jewish Relations in honor of the Danish King and his government for their protection of Jews in Denmark during its occupation by Germany in World War II. The announcement of the lectures was made at the… More ▸

  • Danish Police Warned of Plot to Hijack Eban’s Plane

    Police headquarters here was warned by West German authorities today that Palestinian terrorists might try to hijack the plane of Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban who is visiting Scandinavia. Eban is due here tomorrow from Norway. The warning said that Leila Khaled, the young Palestinian woman who tried to hijack an El Al plane over… More ▸

  • Books by Danish-jewish Writer Banned in Jordan

    “Absolute nonsense” said Mrs. Hanneh Kaufmann, a Danish-Jewish writer, when she learned today that her books have been banned in Jordan. “I have written seven books and only one of them, which deals with Jewish refugees in Denmark, mentions Israel–and then only in four pages,” the 46-year-old authoress told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The book,… More ▸